You’ve Seen One Recital, You’ve Seen Them All, Right? Wrong!

It cost $14 to get in. There were decorated trees everywhere that I could really have cared less about … seriously, I’ve gone once in probably 20 years. But this year was different and I looked forward to going for something that lasted maybe two minutes tops … maybe. I sat in the isle so that I could move about when the “Main” attraction hit the stage. The “Main” attraction that said “are you coming to watch me dance Gramma?” when I called her house this morning and she answered the phone. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world Sydney.” It was a simple performance, with four little girls dressed in black leotards and tights, with little white tutu’s with gold sparkles, and gold vests and bows in their hair. One little girl had to be directed out by the teacher holding her shoulders while the others took their place in the line. They were all holding bears and danced to some little song about a bear that I could no more remember now if you paid me. What I do remember is the cute little girl third to the right with her straight A-frame haircut and her big wondering eyes … wondering where was somebody she knew in the not-so-large sea of parents and grandparents, me and Grampa proudly amongst them. She never did spot us, although she looked hard enough … nor did her momma want her to for fear she would run off stage to us. She was brave standing there, not once lying down on the floor and sucking her thumb like she had for the parent’s recital a month ago. Nope, she stood there and made me proud, occasionally making a gesture or two towards her dance, running to the circle when coaxed, running back with glee to her bear left behind, looking once again for someone familiar, then blowing kisses to the crowd at the end. She did it! I did it too … I watched my first recital of hopefully many … and we both clapped when it was over. You’ve seen one recital, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong!Oh, the girl melts me. Seriously. Here’s another girl that melt’s me … Simone at almost 7 months who already has 6 teeth and most recently loves to wave.

Megan - November 24, 2012 - 8:06 AM

Man, now I feel guilty for not letting calling out to her when she came on stage. She told me last night that no one was there watching her and when I said- YES…we were ALL there, she didn’t believe me b/c she couldn’t find us. Whaaaaaaa. Those big blue eyes searching through the crowd for a familiar face.

Thanks for coming and make the day more memorable. She loves you and so do I!

Mary - November 24, 2012 - 9:03 AM

A star is born!

Linda - November 24, 2012 - 3:30 PM

Oh you no doubt will go to many performances over the years and love every one. I know I do. I love going to the Festival of Trees with my grandkids. My favorite thing is Fairy Tales Come to Life. They are mesmerizing and the grandkids love these life sized (human) fairy tale characters. It is one of my favorite family things to do together to get in the mood for the holiday. They get to make an ornament and they look through all the trees and pick their favorites and do the scavenger hunt, watch fun performances, drink hot chocolate and run here and there. It is a special time. Isn’t being a grandma WONDERFUL?

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