The Mills Family

I’d never met this family until this session, but Danielle and I sure had fun by e-mail before the day arrived. She wanted old barns and tractors, sometime I like as well so I made a drive near Kuna to the “barn of her dreams.” Only problem is her dreams didn’t share with me the fact that there were three big dogs in a chain linked fence between me and the house. No one came out of the house to see what I was doing on their property, and I had absolutely no intentions of going beyond that gate. Sooo, I did the only reasonable thing I knew to do … get the heck out of there! I did take it a step further and tried to convince Danielle that she needed to go visit the owner, and we both dreamed of the beautiful cookies we would bake for the use of the land on photo shoot day. Turns out Danielle was every bit as chicken as I was! Plan B turned out to be a deserted barn I’d found, but plan B had goat heads and lots of them on the property, and since they wanted to wear shorts and flip flops, we flip flopped plan B into plan C … a place with green trees, water, and no barns, tractors, or dogs. We did build upon Plan C however, and that is to have Plan D come into play sometime in the future and meet up in Glenns Ferry for some real old time stuff. Jeremy’s folks own a farm there and being the grown-up farm boy that he is, he still helps his folks out and loves it.

Danielle had shared in one of her e-mails that 2-1/2 year old Mason was a “wild man.” She lied. He was quite reserved, distracted by the bicyclers on the greenbelt, the stray cats, the ducks, etc. to pay much attention to me and my desire to get a smile out of him. He wasn’t havin’ it, and while he did perk up a bit at the two wooden trucks I brought along, the inner wild man never came out. I know every parent wants to show off their child’s beautiful smile, but sometimes that inner thinker needs to be captured instead. That was Mason on this particular day. He was taking in the surroundings, and every once in a while, he leaked a tiny grin, just enough to let me know how wonderful his big uninhibited smile must be. I loved his gray-blue eyes, his rosy cheeks, and his full lips. What a cute kid … what a nice family. What a great job I have!

Danielle and Jeremy, thank you for the opportunity to photograph you! It’s been fun getting to know you and I hope some of these images make a permanent home in the family albums. Until Plan D, keep smiling! Mary

Danielle M - August 26, 2012 - 10:11 AM

Thank you, Mary! We love these! Hopefully Mason will smile more next time. 🙂

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