The Versatile Blogger Award

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Versatile Blogger Award but who am I to know these things … I’m relatively new at this you know. This award is a two-way street … I get, I give. The give part comes with rules. But before I get started with the rules, let me give a shout-out “Thank You” to Mrs. Pavlov (her given blogger name) over at the Botut Blog who gave me the nomination. She’s got some ties to my family blood line, lives back East, and writes some pretty funny stuff (with an unusual twist) about life and how she views it. If you want some interesting reading today, please read at least these two posts to get a sense of her. The first on her kids (found here), the second on her marriage (found here). The second is one of those stories that after you read it, you will say “Someone just has to make that into a movie!” Unbelievable but true story.

Now for the rules … I love rules, don’t you?

  1. Share 7 things about yourself
  2. Pass the award along to other deserving blog recipients
  3. Link the award to the recipients

So here we go, “7 Things about myself”:

1. I Consider myself a Pepsiholic and gave up the beautiful brown tickle-your-throat fizzy liquid packed full of calories and bone etching carbonation with the comforting red and blue can on January 8, 2007. That’s over 3 years and I still look at what once was my liquid friend with nothing but longing. Trust me, moderation is sometimes hard for me so it’s better this way.

2. I love Las Vegas even though I’ve only been there once. Our kids sent us there for our 30th wedding anniversary almost six years ago. They saved for a year and paid for everything — plane, New York New York hotel for four nights, dinner at Emeril Lagasse’s, and Cirque du Soleil show tickets. They did this at the ages of 20 and 22 after saving for almost a year. I will always love Las Vegas because of that and will look back and marvel at what a sacrifice they made.

3. Some things get better with age … and I feel like I am … not with my body that often fails me, but in the things that count.

4. I have a 9-year-old golden retriever with large tumors, who snores and has bad breath, sheds a disgusting amount of hair (as evidenced by our bagless), and who doesn’t mind so well these days. I understand her and give her some slack. When I’m old, I may be just like her and hope my kids give me slack too.

5. I have a thing for costume jewelry. Sometimes gaudy, cheap jewelry. Please tell me, my friends, when I shouldn’t wear some of it!

6. I love making my grandkids laugh and will do what it takes to do so. Don’t tell my osteoporotic back it can’t do it and don’t tell me I look stupid doing it because I don’t care and I won’t listen to you. My chiropractor and Advil are my best friends in times like these.

7. I love taking trips with my hubs. (Subliminal message inserted here.) He is so fun to travel with and he has deep pockets when we do. He’s a very, very generous man. (So, honey, now that Hawaii is out of the travel plans, what do you say about that trip to Seattle this July?)

Now, those deserving of this award go to (drum roll, please):

1. My daughter over at The Gerichs Ohana. She started her blog when they moved to Hawaii September 10, 2007. They rented a one bedroom furnished apartment on the 14 floor of a 41 story building off Waikiki, got jobs, had Sydney, lived the life, and now they are moving home. She is a positive thinker and writes the best stuff about the loves in her life. Read her post on “Parenthood” to give you a taste of how she feels about it and you’ll also see how her creativity shines through on posts all the time. Read this one, for example, called “Caption Candids” and you’ll quickly see why everyone loves her blog. She is not required to follow the rules of this award seeing that she is very busy moving home! (See you in a few days Babe. :-))

2. Amanda Pfeifer (already a Versatile Blogger Award winner) over at her blog of the same name. We don’t know each other but I stumbled onto her blog one day by happenstance and found myself on a marathon read-through that same weekend. Something connected with me about her simple words and beautiful photos … especially of her son who is close in age to my grandson. She has a post called “Look-A-Like” with her daughter that I found particularly interesting, and might be something I try with my own kids and grandkids one day. Thanks Amanda, I love your blog!

3. My friend’s daughter, Aubrey, has a wild blog. I say wild because she has four boys so read between the lines. Her blog is called the Funny Farm: Nobody’s Grass is Greener Than Ours and has some pretty great stories of running a household of rough and tumble boys. Her girlie side always comes through and she is what every hubby probably wants in a mate. This little post called “Heart Day” is about her love of the color pink. Aubrey, your posts always make me smile.

4. Collective Disclosure is a blog I have been following for only a short time, but time enough to know the author, Caitlin, has a true heart for God. It’s so refreshing to see young people live out their faith and trust in our one Creator. Thank you Caitlin for such inspiring stories. UPDATE on 4/5/11 — I got an e-mail response from Caitlin that said she combined her two blogs into one so I have made the correction to this page and removed the original blog I nominated called “Creation Divine.” In doing that she writes: “I felt like I had multiple personalities by doing a “God” blog and a “normal” blog… Since really God is a part of my every day, every minute life. So now I feel whole again.” 🙂

Happy reading everyone! Mary

Aubrey Archuleta - April 5, 2011 - 3:05 PM

Yes, Seattle in July!
Thanks so much for your kind words. I love the blog world!
I will try to do this as soon as I can, the move has already started, lots of packing & such :/AHH!!

Amanda Pfeifer - April 5, 2011 - 5:49 PM

Your so sweet! Thank you very much.
I will definitly check out the other blogs you’ve nominated.

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