Trent [2015 Senior]

If you know much about my photography you probably know I absolutely LOVE photographing high school seniors! They are so much fun and it’s exciting to hear about their school activities and what they have planned after high school. Trent did not disappoint and was just as handsome, easy to work with, and as fun as his big brother Nathan who I got to photograph two-years ago. (Sorry Trent — I know what your fun competitive spirit wanted me to say.) 🙂 Trent, and his folks Michelle and John, drove in from Nampa to downtown Boise for this session. We got free music and entertainment from the bar scene since BSU was playing and had a great time. Looking to attend NNU after his senior year at Skyview, Trent plans on taking courses in either the architectural or business field. Best of everything Trent! I know you will go far in whatever it is you decide to do. You are certainly a nice young man.


Megan - October 14, 2014 - 2:20 PM

Where was Fairly Candid when I was a senior in High School? I want a senior portrait session do over.

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