Todd, Susan, James and Greg

In reading back to my first session with Susan, Todd, and the boys (October 2012 found here), I wrote “I am fortunate to have two jobs that I love. One as a part time receptionist at a prestigious downtown law firm and the other Fairly Candid. Sometimes the two intertwine as I photograph people I work with — or work for.” The wording still holds true today … almost. As of August 24, 2016 I am retired from Hawley Troxell but the 17-½ years I spent there will be forever fond memories. My co-workers, bosses, and the attorneys were some of the most upstanding people I’ll ever know. One person in particular who I have always admired is Susan, Hawley Troxell’s Executive Director. This is our fourth session together and she is always so down to earth at our sessions and with her boys, James and Greg, now 6th graders. They can be spit in a fry pan and they make me laugh every time I’m with them with their competitive teasing ways, their boundless energy, and their inseparable brotherly love for each other and their mom. I have appreciated getting to know Todd over the years as well … what a kind and gentle man he is. The four of you are simply the best. 🙂 PS: I missed seeing Grandma Jean this year but got to meet Abby, the family two-year old Griffon pup.

At the beginning of our session, cousin Rylan was here for a few pictures before dad came to pick him up from spending the night. Rylan is almost 7 and Todd’s handsome tough grandson. I love how these boys always wear their signature plaid shirts. James is on the left and Greg on the right.


That’s a wrap! Hope to see you next year! Mary

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