This Home’s For Sale!

So how many blog posts do you ever see to sell a house? None for me, so I figured, why not since I took the pictures for the MLS listing anyway (does that mean I get to put commercial photographer on my resume now? Ha!). But even if you aren’t looking to buy, I thought I’d give you a peek inside our home and some of the stories that go with it. We bought this house October of 1993 and actually signed the papers on Halloween Day. It had most of the wants on our list and had a small backyard — a bonus to us after having a very large yard to care for but becoming increasingly more busy with the kids in soccer, baseball, and basketball. Who has time for yard work when you’re barely home?! There was a stray and wild momma kitty who had three kittens born in the backyard, and since the family before us had small children, the kittens had been tamed but never Momma (who we later had to trap to take to the pound … and we all know what happens to untamed kitties … so sad … sorry Momma). Since we loved the house we thought we’d take it a step further, putting one of the little gray tabby shorthairs in the offer to buy the house. Everyone got a kick out of it, and justly so we named that little guy “Debit” since we said we had to go into debt to get him. He was awesome, 21 pounds, and lived 12 years. The home was in need of a new look so we stripped horrible wallpaper and repainted all 2500+ sf of it while living with Mike’s family, part of the time in our trailer. You see, Mike’s brother had also sold their home and were already living with the folks while fixing up their new place. It was a full house for sure with 10 of us! Over the years we have done endless update projects and have always done our best to kept the house well maintained.

Matt was in 4th grade (he’s now 29) and Megan (now 31) was in 6th when we moved in. The main level when you walk into the house has the living room, dining, and kitchen. From the hallway, you can go downstairs to a bedroom where Matt claimed, next to the large family room, bath, and utility room with a door to the garage. I always worried that one day that darn door would be an “escape door” for a teenage boy in the night when mom and dad were fast asleep upstairs unaware. What was I worried about? It never happened. (Whatever I want to believe, right?) After Matt moved out it became a Guest Room, then more recently my Studio. Upstairs is the guest bath, three more bedrooms, one that was Megan’s room and is now my hobby room/office, one the Master Bedroom, and the last one changing it’s purpose over the years, most currently to my G-Babe room. It’s bright and happy and I love that MJ and Sydney both refer to it as “my room” when they talk of going up to play. It’s my “happy place” for sure.

After 20 years it’s time to move on and downsize, let someone else make it theirs to add their own love and memories. It’s odd, but sometimes I worry it won’t sell and other times I worry it will. You think it’s easy until you really start thinking of the memories that were made here. The saying really is true: “A house is built with boards and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” (Sniff) And then there’s that actual moving part. Barf.

So should you know of anyone looking to buy in our area of SW Boise (4428 S Cochees Way, Boise), I would be honored to have you give our Realtor, Larry Fields, a call. He works for Silvercreek Realty and he can be reached at or at 954-0018. So what do you think … can
















Now, you’re all probably wanting to know where we’re going to live if we sell … yeah, so are we. 😉

Megan - September 19, 2013 - 10:48 PM

I love your bedspread and your backyard looks awesome!!!

Gloria - September 20, 2013 - 11:38 AM

What a beautiful home! In this case, the pictures do it justice very well! It’s easy to walk into your home and feel all the warmth. You guys take such care in making it a home anyone would be proud to own. Be prepared as you will have people fall in love with it and you will have to turn it over to another caring family. We wish you guys the best!!

Fairly Candid - September 20, 2013 - 11:48 AM

Thanks Gloria, you’re so good at encouragement!

LoraLee Carter - September 20, 2013 - 1:42 PM

“You’re crazy to sell that house!” Lee just said to tell you! It is absolutely beautiful! Now you can add Interior Decorator to your long list of talents. Are you thinking of a condo or town house? We wish you the best whatever you decide Honey, you two have done a beautiful job of everything you do, so more power to you!!!!- With much love.

Being Grateful » - November 28, 2013 - 1:08 AM

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