They're Back! Ella and the Boys

Ella is 18 months old and you’ve seen her before here (at 6 months) and again at her Onederful Birthday Party last September. It was a year ago at Easter that I photographed her with her cousins, Connor and Landon in a little make-shift studio in my house since it was raining. If I believed in lucky stars, I would think I had one hanging over my head because every photo session this month has been sunny and in the mid-60’s. The next day then rains, snows, or has the wind of a typical Spring day. Lori, Ella’s mom, suggested a place for this photo shoot and would you believe it’s one I’ve been wanting to try just down the street from my daughter’s house. Turns out the two live a stone’s throw from each other. Small world. I always say it. Small world. We’ve added a sweet boy to the mix this session … his name is Rylan and you’ll read more about him later.

This is Connor. A handsome 6-1/2 year old in first grade with his first missing tooth and fun-lovin’ attitude. He had suggestions for poses we should do, and when it was his turn for the individuals, he stepped up to the little box seat, put his foot on top of it and gave me everything he’s got. What a cutie. He’s become such a confident little man from the first time I met him years ago.

Connor lets his funny side out.

This is Oma's favorite face -- NOT!

This is his "chick magnet" pose (with a slight constant bob of his head).

This is Connor’s 5-year old brother, Landon. I think he is a little mini look alike of his dad — minus the goatee and mustache of course. 🙂 He’s in pre-school and a silly willy — which is how I got him to smile his cute smiles — by saying silly sayings that he had to repeat. Sometimes I stumped him. Yeah. I did.

Just try and tell me this doesn't look like a little "Forest Gump".

This is Rylan. A shy little 5 year old in pre-school who’s not Connor and Landon’s brother but they treat him like one and include him in everything. He was the first in line to get his pictures taken and a bit on the shy side so while you won’t see any silly faces from him, I hope you’ll see his sweetness shine through.

And now it’s Ella’s turn. She is the little cousin to Connor and Landon and they are two of her favorite people. She didn’t want to sit for her individuals, so I thought a babie and lamb might help. She came and took them from me, then went and sat back down, but soon the tears started and the paci had to come out. Luckily a stranger was walking along with “Max”, a big gentle golden retriever who was as infatuated with Ella and she was of him. “Puppie!” Max was more than a puppy, he was a horse! He did the trick and the tears dried up as they got to know each other. Thank you Max’s owner, whoever you are. 🙂

As if all the kids clothes weren’t cute enough, they had another set that was every bit as handsome as the first. Watch out GAP — you’ve got competition! I see some star models in the making!

Love, love, love this next one. Rylan was really starting to relax by the end of the morning. This is a future “Gentleman’s Quarterly” shot.

Yeah, just so you know, the following pictures are composites of about four pictures. Man, it’s hard getting four goofy kids to all have smiles at the same time! I love my Photoshop!

"You are NOT going to make me sit again are you!"

So with puffy Ella eyes, we wrapped up our time in the great outdoors last Saturday morning but missing that perfect smile we all knew little Ella had in her, we decided to meet a few minutes after church and give her the chance to shine — and shine she did. Kids just have a way of brightening every dark spot in our lives. They love so easily and give so much. They grow so fast and we sometimes forget the good times when rolling through the bad. Write down the quirky things they do and say, take pictures often, love them up, and train them to be good citizens of humanity — they really are our future. To Lori, Craig, Jud, Nicole, and Oma — you are doing just that with these kids. What a joy they are. My appreciation for getting to spend these few hours with them again. Love, Mary

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Megan - March 29, 2012 - 1:25 PM

Whoa. You keep out-doing yourself. I loved them all. ALL.

Lori - March 29, 2012 - 5:06 PM

Mary, these are incredible. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. You are AMAZING!!

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