The Swails Family

I look forward to photographing this fun family every year and like my last post it’s our fifth year together and they also have twin boys that always wear their signature plaid shirts. The Swails boys have taken it a step further, however, and have always sported their curly unruly locks of boyhood which I love. 🙂 Gus, now 7, is in 2nd grade and loves to read (two chapter books a day he says) and is so much more talkative than ever. He even suggested some great poses like … “How about we all climb a tree?” or “How about we crawl uphill like we are having to use the grass to pull us up?” or “How about we all jump in the water in our clothes?” (I love this boy’s think tank and we actually made two out of three happen.) Boys will be boys and once again I laugh at their energy and their parents, Nick and Amanda, when they say “Welcome to our life. Every. Single. Day.” All in tease of course as they love these boys. 🙂 Henry (in blue) and Peter (touches of orange) will turn 5 in November. Here’s to another wonderfully fun family with such handsome men, and Amanda, you rock motherhood like nobody’s business. Smiles to you all, Mary 🙂



After I had this posted, Amanda sent this picture of me capturing the last picture. I have the nicest clients! 🙂


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