The Reed’s

Sarah is an attorney at Hawley Troxell where I used to work and is one of the kindest women you’d have the pleasure of meeting. Her and Greg were last on my blog two years ago when they just had Ellie, but they are now blessed with Oliver who turns one in December as Ellie turns four. To put it mildly, Ellie is very social and a bit dramatic especially in her singing and story telling. She had me in tears laughing over her very long and detailed rendition of “Let it Go” and when we all thought it was over and started to clap, she gave us very definitive eyes and said “I’m not done!” to which we said sorry and listened till she was. Too funny and too cute this girl. Later on I found some glitter on a rock and said it was pixie dust to which we got a whole new story that went on and on again. The girl has a wonderful imagination I’m telling ya. Oliver was pretty darn serious for most of our session, but I eventually got to see that adorable smile. He was so content to just do whatever we were doing — unless you put him down — then he liked to crawl away. 🙂  Beautiful children, beautiful family. Love, Mary


Tracey - November 25, 2016 - 4:47 PM

Mary, The Reed’s are such a cute family. You have so much fun with them and all your Clients. I am so happy you keep in touch and up date their pictures.

Fairly Candid - November 27, 2016 - 3:27 PM

I agree Tracey, I am lucky to get to photograph these fine fun people. 🙂

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