The Rauenhorst Family

Micky works in the same department with the mom’s of Matthew and Dylan — both 2016 seniors that I got to photograph recently — so needless to say I was thrilled when she called to say she wanted some images of their family taken. (A big shout out thank you to Linda, Jen, and Melissa!) Micky even suggested this location so while it took me some investigative work to find out how and when I could use the space — and ultimately had to join the Dry Creek Historical Society — it was so worth it and I get to use it for a year! The red barn used in Matthew’s images and the gray building with the red door used in Dylan’s images have both since been torn down, so I did tell Micky she just jinxed this place by having me come here. 🙂 What a nice family this was and I had a great time with each of them — Micky, hubby Casey, Mariah 25, Eli 12, and quiet little Bella, almost 5. I hope you enjoy your images and that not as many years pass by before you have some taken again. 🙂 Mary


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Vince - July 4, 2016 - 8:48 PM

Barns, fences — apart from nature itself, I think wood makes the best background. You use it really well here.

Fairly Candid - July 6, 2016 - 7:28 AM

I so agree Vince. Barn wood is my favorite for sure. They tore my last barn down without even telling me! I could have made a backdrop out of it. What were they thinking?

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