The Owsley Family

Meet Dean, Mindy, and Grace, another fun family I had the joy of photographing on a beautiful Boise day. Grace, being almost three, was so cute and proper and definitely loved — thus the shirt pronouncing it 🙂 — and can you believe we found flowers to match her outfit in this first picture! And I always somehow know that when I photograph a 2 or 3 year old, the pink chair will be a big hit. Mindy and Dean, kudos to your sweet family and I hope the pumpkin carving with cousins after the session was a huge success. A big shout out to Mindy’s sister Farrah for the referral too. Thank you all! Mary


_MG_2622-1_webLOVe, LoVe, LOVE this next one! That better make it into a frame Mindy! And to all parents out there reading this, you’ll notice I always take a picture or two of just the parents in every session I do. I think it’s important for the kiddos of the family to see photos around the house showing the love of their parents — it all started with them after all. 🙂


Sheila Clark - November 4, 2014 - 8:32 AM

Great pics of the Owsleys!! What a beautiful family!

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