The Jex Family

The Jex family recently moved here from Denver and called me after getting a referral from their realtor (who had picked up one of my business cards at a showing of our house — how cool!) Working with these 7 adults was so much fun, and Emily was just the icing on the cake when she jumped from the car, came straight over to me and said “Hi, I’m Emily, the only one who’s not married, but I’m working on it!” She was a firecracker to say the least and so cute. It was later that I asked her how old she was and when she said 19 I told her to back off and call me in five years when she got engaged! Dad agreed. 🙂 Lianne contacted me saying she wanted a bridge or barn or something old, so when I suggested this old abandoned silo, they were all in. Meet Lianne and Keith, their son Matt and his new bride Greta, daughter Callie and her husband Shawn of 2 years, and Emily aka “available” should any single nice young men be reading.



Tracey - December 6, 2013 - 8:00 AM

Mary, what a GREAT looking family. They look like they have so much fun together and the pictures are really nice. I hope they enjoy living here and the Silo was a great touch.

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