The Homecoming

They’re b-a-a-a-c-k! Apparently after the flight my daughter is now resigned to have only one child … yes, apparently that bad of a Red Eye flight, but I’ll let her share those details on her blog when she gets around to it (of which I am sure by then she will have forgotten the worst of it and more grandbabies will again be in my future!). They said their farewells the Hawaiian way with 80 degrees of sunshine on their backs only to say hello the Idaho way with snow and low 40º’s. Mother Nature can be so cruel. Welcome home!

Sydney looked like she’d been beaten up when she got off the plane, but my daughter swears on her life it wasn’t her. Actually Sydney was in the middle of Roseola so had the facial rash, red circles under her eyes from crying and not sleeping, and her already wild hair was even wilder. Translation: to me, she was the most beautiful baby girl I’d ever seen!

Oma and Opa brought her an Easter Bunny, three times wider than her and half again her size.

She thought it was pretty cool.

The kids are home … there’s great comfort in that.

From the airport we all went to our house and had some lunch and get acquainted time. Sydney was most impressed with MJ’s pacifier and wanted to hold his hand which he wasn’t so sure of. As a matter of fact they were never on the same page. When she wanted to hug him, he backed away. When he was ready to hug her, she backed away. When she played with his toys he gave an “Uh” and a look towards me as if to say “But Gramma, those are my toys.” Kissin’ Cousins? Not yet, but give them some time.

She was really tired and took three naps that first day in our little toddler bed.

Momma went up to put her to bed the second time and never did come back. When I went to check on them, this is what I found.

So it turns out baby girl likes small spaces. She placed herself between the dresser and the window, the entertainment center and the wall, and the door and the dresser so I asked my daughter about it. “She likes to hide” was the response. She was playing with a bead necklace and went to the entry way and was gone the longest time. When we checked on her she was sitting in the little window by our front door just as content as could be.

She’s a serious little thing too. Very much a pensive little thinker — she just takes everything in. She’d just woken up from her third nap while we were having dinner. Her Uncle got her out of bed (because she never tried to climb out all three times) and was holding her on his lap. She just looked at me like “I think I’ve seen you before” (or maybe it was the camera she recognized).

We’re having a great time getting to know her all over again. It will take her some time to adjust to all the new people in her life, her new surroundings, and the cooler weather, but we are so ready for all that comes. She found my reading glasses and hands down, nobody rocks my glasses like my two grandbabies.

To be continued … and continued … and continued …

Aubrey Archuleta - April 11, 2011 - 5:53 AM

yipee! hooray! SO thrilled for you all 😀

Linda Johnston - April 11, 2011 - 8:24 AM

I just KNEW there would be photographic evidence of the Hawaiian cuteness!!! She is so precious. I’ll be praying for warmer weather so that she adjusts to usually sunny sometimes rainy and cold Idaho.

Your Man - April 11, 2011 - 4:31 PM

I’m in heaven. I know it must be just the same!

Kathy Grover - April 11, 2011 - 9:04 PM

Your pictures just get better and better. Just like your grandbabies.

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