The Endless Smiles of Averi

I may have a new demographic to go after — 4 year olds! What a dream Averi was. Her eyes lit up, her smile lit up, and her personality lit up the entire hour we were together. At times she seemed much more mature than her mere 4-years, but underneath it all was a little girl who loved stuffed animals, rolling in the grass, sticking her tongue out, and wanting to tickle her mommy. She was pure silly sweetness and I found her totally irresistible in every way!

We cracked open my daughter’s china tea set gifted by her grandma when she was little. When I looked at Averi, I couldn’t help but see my own g-babes, Sydney and Simone, having their own tea party one day.

Next up is one of my favorites … and no, I did not emphasis the dark rings around those beautiful eyes. Those are God-given!

Averi loved the “big girl” poses. She totally rocked them don’t you think.

Ok, the next one is definitely another favorite out of many.

Outfit change! Averi’s favorite dress was the pink one while mom’s was this one. I could see why they just brought them both — too hard to pick!

Mickie said one of these is going to be printed and framed for Averi’s most special person — her grandma. (Averi tells me she gets to wear her necklaces.) Can’t wait to hear which one you picked! Mickie, it was so great meeting you and Averi. Please tell the grandma of the Superhero’s (Walter and Roy) that I appreciate the referral, and most importantly, I hopyou’ll let me photograph your girl again one day!!! With appreciation for your call, Mary

Roberta - July 18, 2012 - 3:29 PM

What a beautiful little girl, definetly, model material…you got some great pictures of her Mary, not sure which is my favorite, too many awesome ones!! Her parents must be very proud of her!

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