Jason and Christine

Christine has spent many a night at our house since she and Megan were best friends all through high school. She went to BSU where she met Jason, and they in turn re-introduced Megan to Robby (after one chance meeting that didn’t go so well) — and it’s been love ever since for both couples! Jason is such a level-headed, down-to-earth, humble kind-of-guy, and has been playing Pro-basketball overseas. Christine is so fun with such natural beauty and both of them are a tall drink of water to be sure … seems Quincy is following right along in their footsteps. It’s a bit early yet to see where 15-month old Cooper is headed, but I suspect he’ll be just like his big brother. I was so impressed with Quincy and how he helped with Cooper as well as helping me out with the reflector during this session. He did such a good job that I told him I was going to take him with me next time I go out on a shoot. That’s a shout out to the rest of you to give me a call because I don’t want to let this young man down!  As for this photo session, I picked the location and brought the props and Christine picked the clothes. I’d say we make a pretty good team!

Seriously! Can this baby have more beautiful eyes or kissable lips?

Quincy was a natural at this posing stuff. He was so enjoyable, this kid, and so protective of his brother.

Now I know you’ve already noticed the fun shoes these guys were wearing, but just in case you didn’t, you will now. Things like this is what makes photo sessions so fun. I love it! Great job Christine!

When we were done with the downtown scene we went to a park where Quincy just ran and ran and ran. I see track in his future (along with basketball of course). To help keep Cooper from trying to keep up with his big brother, we pulled out the bubbles and kept him running in circles.

As we finished up and wound down, everyone relaxed with a good book. Isn’t that what most of you like to do when you wind down? Not me, I wind down with photos! Thank you, Christine and Jason for the chance to take photos of your beautiful family. I loved every minute of our time together. Mary xo

Megan - July 27, 2011 - 8:50 PM

I ♥ the Ellis Family!!! What a gorgeous set of people with ridiculous smiles and hearts bigger than life! Love the tile in the first few pics and the Converse is genius…

Aubrey Archuleta - July 27, 2011 - 9:24 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! That Quincy is a child model gold mine, hat a handsome young man. Great to see Christine face on here, nice work Mary!

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