The Busacker’s: 50 Years Later

What a beautiful couple Bill and Brenda were, and I know that if I hadn’t titled this blog post the way I did, you would have never guessed these two were in their 70’s! They look amazing! I drove out to the countryside of Nampa for this session, to the 5-acre home of Bill and Brenda’s. We started the photo session at their house, then drove down the road to their neighbors house to finish up. (Thank you Claudia!) Claudia tells me several photographers have used her property over the years for photo sessions because of the beautiful mature trees and landscaping. Both houses were beautiful to say the least.

I thought we’d all be interested in Brenda and Bill’s story and what their secret is to staying together for 50 years. Here’s their sweet story in their own words:

(Brenda): Bill and I started dating our senior year of high school although we’d known each other for several years. We both had student service for the Dean of Boys our senior year. We had an enjoyable time that hour. Bill was a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. It didn’t hurt that he was very popular, good looking and president of everything. We continued dating after graduation and the next two years of college before we married. We still like each other, which probably accounts for the “why” the marriage has lasted 50 years.
(Bill): Brenda and I have kept our love alive by having a deep respect for each other, a willingness to consider each other’s point of view and being supportive of one another. We have always had the same religious, child raising, and financial goals. We also had parents who were good examples in that area. My parents were married 62 years and Brenda’s were married 79 years.

Belated congratulations of your June anniversary Bill and Brenda. It was a pleasure to meet you both and have the opportunity to photograph you. A big thank you to their son and daughter-in-law, Bret and Siri, for gifting this to them. Keep smiling everyone! 🙂 Mary






Megan - August 1, 2014 - 9:37 AM

How cute is that?!?! I love that you’ll make it to 50, we’ll make it to 50 and hopefully our kids make it that far too. How special to find a love that lasts.

Oh, and their backyard is KILLER.

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