The Busackers

Welcome back to the Busacker’s! I look forward to this family every year with their two teenage daughters (and one almost a teen) who love having their pictures taken as much as I like taking them. Heck, even Carston is on board these last few years. The cool thing? I get to take Maren’s senior pictures next year and I’m pretty pumped about that. The biggest change in the kids this year was with cute little Rimini who’s hair has gotten so long and who’s lost a few teeth along the way. Oh, and she’s five and a big Kindergartener this year and not quite as shy as in past years. The others Maren, 16 and in 11th grade; Lydia 15 and in 10th; and Sydney 12 and in 7th are just as pretty as ever, if not prettier, and so doting on Rimini. Carston now 11 and in 5th grade is Mr. Handsome and so easy-going with so many girls in the family. He isn’t shaken much even when a big sis calls him a hot-hot-hottie. Thank you Siri and Bret, what a beautiful family you have inside and out! Mary


And that’s a wrap kids!


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