The Babcock’s

When I’m not doing photography, I work at Hawley Troxell as their receptionist and have gotten to know so many wonderful people in my 14 years there — Laura, a Legal Administrative Assistant being one of them. We share several commonalities together — a love for the Lord, devoted husbands (hi Dave!), two married children close to the same age, and four grandkids that aren’t too far off in ages from mine. While the dads worked, the girls got a chance to come visit so Great-Grandma and Grandpa (Karen and Don) made the trip from Colorado to visit as well. 🙂  Daughter, Beth, has handsome Isaac who turned four in September, and his busy little 17-mo old sister, Emily with her gorgeous blue eyes, who just wanted to do her own thing and explore. Jenni has sweet 2-½ year old Ellie and her adorable baby brother, Noah, only 2 months old. No mistaking them as brother and sister with that beautiful red hair and Noah was such a good little baby during our session. Isaac and Ellie remind me so much of my MJ and Sydney as they played and giggled and wanted to be in each other’s pictures. So cute these two. So nice to see all of you again! Mary











Tracey - November 11, 2013 - 11:12 AM

Love the pictures Mary! Sounds like you had a time but you still got some great shots! Very nice looking family.

Aubrey - November 18, 2013 - 5:18 PM

Tall to small, got to love all the generations in one shoot. Life is good.

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