The Archambo’s

Here’s another awesome family with an adorable little one and what a great time I had with Justin, Shari, and 11 month old Ruby — yes, named after a beloved family member. We were constantly moving to keep me warm (they were obviously much tougher than I) and to take in as many beautiful backgrounds as possible. Shari loves being home with Ruby, but also helps Justin with The Funky Taco, a quickly growing business they started and operate out of an airstream trailor at the downtown food market on the weekends as well as other venues — all while keeping up with a full time Nike job as well. This little family has it going on! And I must give a big shout out thanks to Stacey for the referral as well. 🙂 Now enjoy the love. Mary



Sorry Shari and Justin, but a name like The Funky Taco needed a funky color processing. 🙂


Megan - November 5, 2014 - 3:40 PM

Those two need to have eight more children. ADORABLE.

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