The Alton’s

Do you believe in love? I do too, and it’s wonderful to help these two young people celebrate their 1st anniversary of marriage through photos. While I’m not certain how old they are, it definitely takes me back 37 years to our first anniversary (and they thought it wouldn’t last. ;-)) This is Sara, a full-time psychology student, and Nate, a mechanic and 1st/2nd grade Sunday School teacher at First Baptist. Nate came into the marriage with Ranger, his 11-year old now arthritic ridden puppy that he’s had since his early Jr. High days who now has to put up with the likes of Rosie, a 15 week old pup full of yip and vinegar. Congratulations to the both of you and may you have a wonderful life together with Jesus as your guide.




Aubrey - November 18, 2013 - 5:20 PM

Gush! Love that last picture in this post. Those dogs are better behaved than my kids, btw 😉

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