Thank You!

Thank you! It was a great year for my little word-of-mouth Fairly Candid website. I photographed 50+ different individuals or families this year and am so grateful for all the wonderful returning clients as well as new ones met. I am especially grateful to those who shared my name with others. Word-of-mouth is the greatest compliment! I finished up the season over the Thanksgiving weekend and will now take a break during the month of December. Well, a break from photography at least. We accepted an offer on our house Nov. 20 then signed papers and turned over the keys December 11th so it has been a bit busy around our house with photography sessions and packing, and we are especially grateful for the time and labor of our kids at this extremely busy time of year and for Mark and Vickie and the kids who are storing some of our furniture for us since we maxed out the storage unit! Thank you, thank you! We will cozy up in a little one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for the winter while looking for our next residence — hopefully one with a space that will make a nice little studio with window lighting for the newborns I shoot, and possibly expanding to small families as well. If you are a prayer warrior, please add us to your list! 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas keeping in mind that Jesus Christ is why we even celebrate Christmas in the first place. Keep His name holy. Enjoy the traditions of Santa, take time to think of others, give in service, money, or kindness as you see the need and see how good it makes you feel to reach out. Serve up grace whenever possible. I love you my readers! Stay tuned and keep smiling! Love, Mary 🙂

Kathy - March 5, 2014 - 1:53 PM

Wonderful photos!!! You are one amazing lady. I love to check this blog, find fun people each time.

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