Team Priebe

Meet Team Priebe! Matt, Team Captain, Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church for 5.5 years, and the craziest jumper I’ve ever seen. Andrea is Co-Captain and all-around team support and organizer, a lover of kids and youth. Madelyn at 8-and-a-half (the halves matter at this age) is in third grade and is so smart and ready to tackle anything. Brennan (I called the poor lad Brenner all morning) is 6 and a Kindergartner and a constant reminder of my son at that age with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and fun personality. Autumn rounds out the family turning 5 this December and has the team title of being the “bossiest” by her sister, although I never saw any of it. You will see she kept a wary eye on me most of the time, but when she let go of her smile, it glowed. You can view their last year’s photo session here.

I saw an idea onĀ I Heart Faces (a wonderful blog for photographers) that I thought would be fun and when I presented it to the kids that they would be having a tug-o-war with their parents, Brennan’s smile instantly dropped as he said “oh, they’re gonna win”. I said “but there’s three of you and only two of them! I think you can do it!” He somehow bought into the idea and the kids gave it their all. You’ll notice a pretty fake fall on Matt and Andrea’s part … but still the kids loved their victory. They live in a beautiful neighborhood so we photographed right in their own back yard … oh, and the neighbor’s yard next door where they had a sweet little bridge over the pond. I want to share a little of how this family lives their faith. The day following this photo session, I was to shoot my first wedding (coming next), and so Matt asked if I would like prayer which of course I did. Andrea shared with me on Sunday morning that the kids woke up Saturday and said “we have to pray for Miss Mary as today is her wedding.” Well, not “my” wedding, but you get the idea. Thank you Priebe’s for all you do. You are appreciated!

To view, simply use your keyboard’s left and right arrows, or hit the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons in the upper left and right hand corners of each photo. Enjoy!


Andrea - October 9, 2012 - 6:05 PM

Mary: My goodness…what a perfect representation of our family. You somehow caught the essence of who we are in this photo shoot…you have a beautiful gift!

The kids giggled as we scrolled through each picture, laughing out loud as they visibly saw the JOY you had captured.

I am excited to share these with our family-in other states, other countries, and far away places. Thank you again- Team Priebe is blessed & most certainly grateful!

Megan - October 9, 2012 - 9:07 PM


Kay Lynn - October 10, 2012 - 8:46 PM

Liz Grissom mentioned these on Facebook so of course I had to come look… Everyone looks so good! My favorite is Autumn’s huge smile in her last picture.

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