She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! (Bob and Kathy)

With Bob and Kathy what you see is what you get. You get quirky and fun, a couple that loves Christ, loves to laugh together and with others, go camping (okay who doesn’t love to camp), listen to the classic Rock-n-Roll tunes, and pull off a unique fashion style all their own. :-)After almost 30 years of marriage they know what has kept it together. “We allow God to lead in areas where we may not always agree because we come from different backgrounds and know we have different ways of thinking.” They married in Vegas and Bob rocked the chops and ‘stache and Kathy’s sweetness and devotion still shine for her man today like it did back then.

They have attended FBC for 18 years and while we didn’t get to know them for the first several years, we eventually won them over. Our list of adventures together is endless and we have no plans of putting a halt to them for a long time to come. While Mike and I have always camped since we were kids (we typically went to established campgrounds), it was Kathy who was responsible for our love of off-road camping 15 years ago. Now that we’ve all matured a bit, we appreciate the finer things of life as well … like bigger trailers that hold more water for showers, electric heaters, and microwaves for those trips at campgrounds with pavement!

Bob … well … what about Bob? It’s Bob this and Bob that. Take for example the sign on one side of the garage that reads “No Parking Except for Bob” and on the other side of the garage “No Parking Except for Bob’s Wife.” Goofy, sincere, smart (alec), selfishly devoted (to Kathy), and fun, all come to mind as words to describe him. He’s just funny in his own unique way and he makes us laugh. He keeps his friends guessing with what new T-shirt he’ll be wearing on any given occasion and what it might say. One of my favorites to date — “I’m from another world but it’s okay, they know me here”, or his latest with his recent retirement “I don’t want to, I don’t have to, you can’t make me, I’m Retired.” Bob’s long hair of his youth is what hooked Kathy on her man and Bob loves that Kathy is level-headed and calm. It wasn’t long before a Vegas wedding called them.

Kathy loves funky shoes and skinny jeans and rocks the “hip grandma” look especially when she flashes her famous peace sign at you. She is beautiful inside and out with her naturally white hair and creative edge. Their home is filled with her talent for painting, but lately, it’s her insatiable love of sewing that has her friends drooling over (well, not literally — that would just be icky) her amazing quilts. She also has a surprising competitive side that will come out on some table games and particularly Wii so I’m just warnin’ ya.

They both share a love of movies, gardening (and they have a painted potted toilet in their backyard), cooking and the best part — dancing at home when no one is watching. Awww, sweet! See why we like hanging out with these guys!

They have quite a following of fans besides us. Seems all types are drawn to them.

Are you ready?

Stay with me now … almost there.

Thank you guys for letting me help you with your granddaughter’s puzzle project. What a great idea you had and they’ll love it — and we love you!

Megan - February 9, 2011 - 9:20 AM

The picture of Kathy on the bench looking sideways- killer…she’s gorgeous! Kathy- you’re gorgeous!!! (Cause I know you’re reading this!) A perfect write-up with description words for a couple whose love really does shine no matter how well you know them or don’t know them…and really- she totally could rock skinny jeans.

Linda Johnston - February 9, 2011 - 11:55 AM

Kathy’s style is definitely unique to her–and not the slightest contrived. She even rocks that silver hair and absolutely not one person would think of her as an old lady–it is beautiful and suits her personality. I can go into a store and see something cute and cutting edge and immediately think, OOOOH Kathy would look great in this!(Though I know it would make me look silly!) She can do quirky and make it hip and elegant. Okay Bob, you too, though I will have to retract elegant. Mary, you did a great job highlighting our dear friends.

Kathy Jones - February 9, 2011 - 8:01 PM

Mary – you did a great job! Thanks for the kind words! You nailed it! You are the best photographer ever – and boy do you have some unbelievable photo software because that is NOT what I see when I look in the mirror!

fairlycandid - February 9, 2011 - 8:52 PM

Thanks Kathy! I’m so happy you liked it … and I said it once and will say it again … what you see with you two is what you get … a beautiful woman and her funny guy! 😉

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