Severns/Wielenga Families

The Severns and Wielenga family are back for another fun fall session. Thank you guys! I appreciate you! They never disappoint with their clothing choices either — something I can really empathize with all you clients out there because it’s probably the hardest part of booking a session — trying to figure out what to wear! Last year’s session turned up with terrible weather so we took to the indoors, but this fall’s photo season has been little short of perfect so far including this night at the Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead. You’ll notice a new little one this year – Daniel born March 21st and he’s certainly captured everyone’s heart. Well, there’s lots of pictures to get through so let’s get on with it. Here’s the lineup below: Connor 11 and a 6th grader; Nicole and Jud (Barb’s son and Lori’s brother); Rylan 10 and a 4th grader; Landon 9 and a 4th grader; Barb; Lori; Daniel 6 months; Craig; Ella 6 and in Kindergarten. 🙂



We ended our session with a few pictures of just Daniel, dressed in his train sweater. Trains are what Daniel’s room is decorated with and trains is what his grandpa’s career was in. Daniel is a Trisomy 21 baby, and when Lori and Craig learned about it, their friends and family came together and made a train banner that was in Daniel’s room during his hospital stay. He is much loved and well prayed over and God is blessing this family in so many ways with this little man. I told Craig at church today that I’ve never seen him so relaxed at a photo session before. He was just so doting to Daniel (and Ella) and Craig was in his element doing so. Makes me happy to know this family and see God at work. I loved the letters on the fruit crate — KISM. Makes me read it as “Kiss Him”. I’m sure he gets lots of them. Love to all, Mary


Lori - October 17, 2016 - 11:35 AM

Mary, these are stunning! We LOVE them so much! Thank you for sharing your talent, patience, and love with us! You are so gifted and an incredible lady! We are so thankful to know you and have you in our lives.

Fairly Candid - October 17, 2016 - 12:33 PM

Thank you Lori, you are always so generous with your words. Mary

Megan - October 17, 2016 - 2:50 PM

New rule. I’m not going to look at the Severns / Wielenga family photos until after I get mine done because all I want to do is copy all of the wardrobe and Ellas incredible hair! You guys all look stunning. Nice work as always, Mom!

Fairly Candid - October 17, 2016 - 5:22 PM

I agree about Ella’s hair. She came up to me and said “Miss Mary, I really didn’t get one side cut short – it’s just pulled around to the other side.” She’s so dang cute that girl and her photo day hair is always the BEST.

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