Santa Sighting

My cousins, Becky and Steve, put on an impressive family gathering for around 45 of us every year before Christmas. Santa used to come years ago when our generation of kids were small, and now we have a new generation of little ones in the grandbabies. Santa and Mrs. Claus have somehow found the time with their busy schedules of keeping up with Naughty and Nice lists, round-the-clock toy building, and Mapquesting routes for the reindeer, to stop by my cousin’s house again this year. The littlest kids still find Santa a bit (a lot) scary while the bigger kids are just plain good sports, all while probably thinking “seriously, you’re not going to make me sit on Santa’s lap are you?!” Oh the fun us adults can have. Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I hope Santa finds his way to your house on Christmas. Love, Mary

_MG_3523_web_MG_3531_webAbove is the youngest Santa recipient this year — my cousin Steph’s first grand baby — 15 month old Sawyer shown with his dad, Smokey. What you can’t see is that he was screaming his head off. Loving Santa is a learned process.


Jayden is now 20 months and while he wasn’t exactly scared of Santa, he had no real interest in him either. He did take the candy cane from Mrs. Claus however and was off. When she tried to have him come back by asking him if he wanted his present he said “no” and kept walking away. He did go back to help Simone get hers however … because no way was she going to stay with them after retrieving her candy cane. He loves his little cousin “Mone” who is three weeks younger than him. Can’t you just see it in his eyes? 🙂

Here’s my oldest g-babe, MJ, now 4. Big things can come in small packages from Santa because he got a Spiderman watch. He later tried to convince Santa that it would be great if he could just have all his other presents now too — since he was already there and all. Santa was having quite the conversation telling him he had to wait till Christmas. MJ was a tough sale but Santa won out.



Sydney loved her time with Santa, standing up there with them taking it all in. She got a real kid camera from Santa, so by the time they went home she only had about 112 pictures of carpet and maybe someone’s hand rushing by. I’m so proud — another photographer in the family! She turns 4 on New Year’s Day. _MG_3550_web

My nephew’s kids are Mae who is 2-½ and cute as a button, but sadly I have no pictures of her except the one of her below with her face buried in her dad’s shoulder crying her eyes out because she didn’t want to go up to see Santa. He is kind of scary looking! Who can blame her! Her big brother Charlie will be 5 in a few months and is such a sweet and handsome little man, and so smart too. He likes Santa but thought he might be too busy to come this year, seeing that it was so close to Christmas and all. Santa is so magical, isn’t he?



The next two pictures are of my nieces’s twins — Eva up first, followed by Emma — but I’m sure you could tell that by looking at them right? Wrong … they are nothing alike. They are young enough to sit on Santa’s lap to claim their prize, but getting so grown up and beautiful at 11. Sweet girls and so playful with all the kids. They’ll make the best babysitters.


Last but certainly not least is Sawyer’s big sis, Hannah who is now 13. Something tells me she doesn’t quite believe in Santa anymore, but she should … she got a beautiful diamond looking bracelet from him. Diamonds … every girl’s dream, right?


The Gerichs


Cousin Steph’s family._MG_3569_web


Rich and Cousin Jan.


And now to tell you a little secret (don’t be shocked) … these two aren’t the real Santa and Mrs. Claus. They’re actually good friends of ours from First Baptist Church by the name of Kathy and Bob Bassick, and we have been fortunate to have them come to our family celebrations the last three years. Kathy went to school with my cousins Becky, her husband Steve, and Jan, graduating one year ahead of me from Boise High, but we didn’t realize all the connections until recently. Small world isn’t it? Thank you Becky and Steve for the party, and Bob and Kathy for the added fun. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night._MG_3576_web


Becky - December 24, 2013 - 10:51 AM

As usual, you did a great job capturing the fun of the evening. Thanks for your pictures.

Megan - December 28, 2013 - 9:42 PM

Such a fun, fun tradition that has started!!! Thanks so much for organizing this, Mom and thanks Mr. and Mrs. Claus for being so jolly!

Next year Santa is only giving her a lollipop. I’ll get more excitement out of a 25 cent piece of candy!

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