Pretty in Pink

Simone is 10 months old today (the 28th) so I’ll be taking new pictures soon, but just had to share these little cuties of a few weeks ago. Megan and Robby were having a date night, and brought the girls dressed matchy-matchy in some shirts I’d bought them … just in case I wanted to take some pictures. Ha! Just in case. I love me a good reason to take pictures. 😉 Simone started crawling at 9 months and was still getting the hang of it. If the distance seemed too far, she would just lay down and take a rest. She has 8 teeth and loves to use them … on your shoulder if she gets the opportunity, or for sure on your finger if you dare to stick it in her mouth … something her thumb-sucking sister has learned not to do! Syd just moved to a big girl bed and is getting to be a big girl. Such lovers these two, so I love them right back. Wink.

Megan - February 28, 2013 - 11:32 PM

OH! Those eyes, those lips, that hair in the third picture is too much for me to handle!!! It shouts “FRAME ME!” Love the second picture as it completely captures Syd with Simone- snuggling up behind her and grabbing her for a big sister bear hug.

Ten months. Boy do I have a treat for you.

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