Spraker Family

Here’s four beautiful strong women that photographed beautifully at the Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead. Laurie’s three daughters seemed happy to be there and it didn’t take me long to see Laurie’s nurturing come through. There was a definite bond that was sweet to observe. Paige, who attends Gonzaga was in town to celebrate her 22nd birthday; Halle is 19 and attends BSU; and Sophie is 12 and in the 7th grade. Laurie’s 3-year old pup, Sammy, joined us for a few pictures as well before Grandma returned him back to the comforts of his home. A big shout out to Todd and Susan for the referral (Todd is Laurie’s brother) so thank you guys. Word of mouth referrals are always the most treasured kind. So nice meeting you and your fun girls Laurie. 🙂 Mary


The Busackers

Welcome back to the Busacker’s! I look forward to this family every year with their two teenage daughters (and one almost a teen) who love having their pictures taken as much as I like taking them. Heck, even Carston is on board these last few years. The cool thing? I get to take Maren’s senior pictures next year and I’m pretty pumped about that. The biggest change in the kids this year was with cute little Rimini who’s hair has gotten so long and who’s lost a few teeth along the way. Oh, and she’s five and a big Kindergartener this year and not quite as shy as in past years. The others Maren, 16 and in 11th grade; Lydia 15 and in 10th; and Sydney 12 and in 7th are just as pretty as ever, if not prettier, and so doting on Rimini. Carston now 11 and in 5th grade is Mr. Handsome and so easy-going with so many girls in the family. He isn’t shaken much even when a big sis calls him a hot-hot-hottie. Thank you Siri and Bret, what a beautiful family you have inside and out! Mary


And that’s a wrap kids!


Severns/Wielenga Families

The Severns and Wielenga family are back for another fun fall session. Thank you guys! I appreciate you! They never disappoint with their clothing choices either — something I can really empathize with all you clients out there because it’s probably the hardest part of booking a session — trying to figure out what to wear! Last year’s session turned up with terrible weather so we took to the indoors, but this fall’s photo season has been little short of perfect so far including this night at the Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead. You’ll notice a new little one this year – Daniel born March 21st and he’s certainly captured everyone’s heart. Well, there’s lots of pictures to get through so let’s get on with it. Here’s the lineup below: Connor 11 and a 6th grader; Nicole and Jud (Barb’s son and Lori’s brother); Rylan 10 and a 4th grader; Landon 9 and a 4th grader; Barb; Lori; Daniel 6 months; Craig; Ella 6 and in Kindergarten. 🙂



We ended our session with a few pictures of just Daniel, dressed in his train sweater. Trains are what Daniel’s room is decorated with and trains is what his grandpa’s career was in. Daniel is a Trisomy 21 baby, and when Lori and Craig learned about it, their friends and family came together and made a train banner that was in Daniel’s room during his hospital stay. He is much loved and well prayed over and God is blessing this family in so many ways with this little man. I told Craig at church today that I’ve never seen him so relaxed at a photo session before. He was just so doting to Daniel (and Ella) and Craig was in his element doing so. Makes me happy to know this family and see God at work. I loved the letters on the fruit crate — KISM. Makes me read it as “Kiss Him”. I’m sure he gets lots of them. Love to all, Mary


Lori - October 17, 2016 - 11:35 AM

Mary, these are stunning! We LOVE them so much! Thank you for sharing your talent, patience, and love with us! You are so gifted and an incredible lady! We are so thankful to know you and have you in our lives.

Fairly Candid - October 17, 2016 - 12:33 PM

Thank you Lori, you are always so generous with your words. Mary

Megan - October 17, 2016 - 2:50 PM

New rule. I’m not going to look at the Severns / Wielenga family photos until after I get mine done because all I want to do is copy all of the wardrobe and Ellas incredible hair! You guys all look stunning. Nice work as always, Mom!

Fairly Candid - October 17, 2016 - 5:22 PM

I agree about Ella’s hair. She came up to me and said “Miss Mary, I really didn’t get one side cut short – it’s just pulled around to the other side.” She’s so dang cute that girl and her photo day hair is always the BEST.

[…] be doing falling snow pictures — which I would love actually. Now a big shout out to the Severns family for their color ideas. Megan just loved what they did and so copied it — the best compliment […]

The Szentanai Family

First off, a big shout out to the Swails family for referring the Szentanai family last year. We tried to make it happen last fall but the weather and work schedules thwarted it last minute. It worked out well because in September Ioana and Christian celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary so congrats you two! Their son, Aidan, who turns 8 in December and is in 2nd grade said Gus (Swails) has been his best friend even before they were born. 🙂 I heard he was pretty good on his scooter so asked Ioana to bring it along, and he gave me a little taste of his boyhood skills — so cute in every way, this kid. It’s always a treat for me to meet new folks — especially such nice ones like these guys — and we couldn’t have had a more beautiful Boise day. Thank you for the opportunity! Mary


Christopher [2017 Senior]

Meet Chris, a Lacrosse playing senior at Skyview High who wants to be a commercial pilot! Now that’s not something you hear every day. While on our session he teased his mom, Jami, that she might want to give him a plane for his graduation gift but her laugh pretty much gave it away that that wasn’t happening. 🙂 There may be no plane in his future but I could tell she was supportive in every other way. It’s always fun to hear what each senior looks forward to doing once this small thing called High School is behind them. As for Chris’s sister, Charly, she was home from college where she is studying Deaf Education. (I was fortunate to get to take her senior photos in 2013 and you can see them here.) With Charly home and with Jami having a birthday soon, the kids gifted their mom to a little family photo session at the end of Chris’. What a fun evening I had and my best to you Chris on your senior year. Enjoy your moment! Mary

Charly Carbray - October 8, 2016 - 9:27 AM

Mary, these are absolutely amazing!! Christopher looks so handsome, and I love our family shots as well! It is truley great working with you, and the end product always turns out phenomenal. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

Fairly Candid - October 8, 2016 - 12:54 PM

Thank you Charly and it was so fun seeing you again and having you there to get Chris laughing! There are more images on the DVD so be sure you see those next time you are home. Best of everything in your schooling. 🙂 Mary

Jesse [2017 Senior]

It’s always an honor for me to get to photograph someone I’ve been acquainted with for a long time – in this case Jesse, a handsome young man who attends Bishop Kelly who is as nice as his smile is big. His family has been intertwined with ours over the years through First Baptist, hunting, doctoring, friends, etc., and Jesse, youngest of three, is now a senior and looking to possibly attend college in Oklahoma where his sister now goes to school as well. For now, however, you can find him on the football field on Friday nights giving the crowd cause for cheer as BK rises to the occasion and gets the job done. As will Jesse when he moves beyond high school to adventures yet unknown. 🙂 Enjoy your year Jesse! It was so great getting to see you again. Mary


Nic and Stephanie » FairlyCandid.com - June 8, 2017 - 1:04 PM

[…] our session they went to some graduation celebrations for Jesse, Nic’s son, who you can see here. Thank you both for the fun and it was so great getting to know you better, Stephanie. Hugs to you […]

Rachel [2017 Senior]

It’s senior photo season and I’ve had three in a row and love it! Meet Rachel, a senior at Renaissance High who is not only pretty, but smart and athletic too. She plays girls fast and slow pitch for both a summer and spring league so we made a trip to Willow Lane where she spends much of her summer in play. She loves English and History, doesn’t prefer politics, and is planning on attending U of I to study criminology and sociology. She is also considering a career in the legal field. Phew, makes me tired just thinking of all that studying! It was so great meeting you Rachel and I wish you all the best in your future adventures. Enjoy your senior year! Mary


The Niendorf Family

It was four years ago I last photographed this family so it was both a joy and a shock to see how the girls, Ella now 11 and in 6th grade, and Adele at 8 and in 3rd grade, had grown and gotten so tall! (You can see their first session here.) I have to say also that we started this session at 9:00 am and everyone was there with smiles on and ready to go – no small feat with three ladies in the family doing hair and some make-up. Nice work everyone! This family is fun, and kudos to John who picked right up on those posing skills. Oh, and John is responsible for the beautiful wall in the first few images because his demolition company tore down the building that left this behind. Woo hoo! 🙂 It was simply a fun morning with great weather conditions and a beautiful family. Now enjoy some of the images we created together. Mary

Logan Dean [Newborn Lifestyle]

_mg_2811_webThere’s a new guy in town and his name is Sweet Logan Dean (I added the first word because he is). He was born September 1st and was 12 days old when I shot these images at his home with his beautiful momma Tori, who is the Family/Communications Administrator at First Baptist where we both attend. Logan’s big sister, Kenley, is now 2 (see her newborn session here) and was full of “pink” energy but pretty gentle with her new brother. Mammaw (it’s a southern thing) came from CA to help out so we lucked out and got her in on the action too and Logan couldn’t have been a better baby, never crying once during our session and just so precious. I loved hearing about his dad Mark’s love of Marvel super heroes and my bet is Logan will a caped wonder flying through the house in no time. Time passes quickly you know! Congratulations to everyone on this beautiful baby! 🙂 Mary


Linda Johnston - September 23, 2016 - 10:34 AM

Such a sweet family–baby Logan and Kenley are precious. Their parents are pretty terrific too. Delightful pictures, Mary!

Megan - September 25, 2016 - 10:04 PM

Oh, the one of big sis kissing him is perfect.

Vince - October 1, 2016 - 3:04 PM

I agree with Megan — that picture jumped right out at me. Love Logan’s hair!

The Schafer’s

I’ve known Melissa as a co-worker for many years at Hawley Troxell and we later learned that she and my daughter knew each other through church camp “back in the day” — it’s a small world after all. Just a month before I retired in August, she became my boss! But bossy she was not and I am so happy for her new opportunities at the firm knowing how good she’ll be at them. Her husband, Dave, operates several Christian radio stations in Boise and in McCall and has generously shared his dimples with their daughter, Emilee, who is 8-1/2 and in 3rd grade. 🙂 For many Halloweens now I have photographed the families that bring their kids in to Trick-or-Treat the firm and have seen Emilee in all kinds of cute costumes over the years, but this is the first time to really get to know the real cutie behind that smile. I could have stolen her away and photographed her all day long. Kids are quite mature in 3rd grade — who knew?! Thank you for the fun on a beautiful but brisk September day. Keep smiling, Mary


And these last two are just for Melissa who doesn’t do silly (so she says). It looks pretty cute on her don’t you think? You could always take lessons from Emilee who has silly down pat.


Thanks for the fun Melissa. You have a great family. Love, Mary

Sheila Clark - September 28, 2016 - 4:12 PM

These are just adorable Melissa! Can’t believe how big Emmy is getting! Great job at capturing their personalities Mary 🙂
We need to get ours done soon!