My 100th Post – "BIG" Family News

It’s my 100th post and I’m loud and I’m proud so what better way to celebrate it than to share with those who haven’t heard yet that the hubs and I are going to be a Gramma/Grampa again! MJ is going to be a BIG BROTHER come April! I like to say I’m going to be a gramma of twins, just from different mothers and different fathers. Huh? What? Ok, so here’s how it went down. We were at the Fair a few weeks back watching those cute slimy seals do their death-defying tricks and when it was over Danielle and Matt handed us a photo album. Odd to have them bring us a photo album at the Fair but ok, whatever … I like photos pretty much any time so I started reading “MJ’s Grand Adventure”.

Page 1: “I told mommy and daddy that it was time for me to have my very own ‘big boy’ room.

Page 2: [Pictures of his room with full size bed and MJ jumping on the bed] “I got a comfy new bed, a BIG toy shelf, and my very own table and chairs to color at.

Page 3: “Mommy and daddy told me that because I was such a good boy we were going to go on an adventure. I love adventures!

Page 4: [In the car clapping] “Hooray!

Page 5: [Picture of surprised face] “When we got to our destination I was so excited! It was a fun new place with lots of nice people. We went into a fun dark room where they took really funny pictures.”

Page 6: [Picture of confused MJ with word bubble saying “huh?”] “The lady who was taking the pictures asked me what I thought. I didn’t know what the pictures were so mommy and daddy had to explain to me what they meant.”

Page 7:

Page 8: [Sonogram] “I look forward to meeting my new brother or sister!!”

Page 9: “April showers bring baby Mousers! Due April 17.

Okay, so if you know me, you know that when I got to Page 7 I let out a scream and instantly started crying along with the tough-as-nails hubs. We were so excited. Let’s face it, after photographing newborn Mae and Marlies, I was pretty darn ready for a baby again. Not only that but I was pretty overjoyed at the creativity of the book and the photos they took to make it so special. (And as Danielle said herself … a little more exciting than the pee stick they gave us the first time around). I looked around for Meg and Robby who happened to be waiting for us at the exit none the wiser to what was goin’ down. I gave her the book, and watched with delight to see she had the exact same reaction that we did. MJ is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

What! Did I read that right!

Ahhhh! Are you kidding me!

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Meg, Robby, Grampa, Matt, Danielle, Me (Gramma), Grammie (Angie) - With

So here’s a few pictures before I tell you the “rest of the story”

The rest of the night was so fun and the kids were beyond excited to ride their first rides!

But after the first couple disasters, they were ready to go again … mostly with an adult on board. While the kids took turns riding with different adults, the rest of us had fun enjoying the moment on the sideline being the kids cheerleaders.

When it was Grampa’s turn, we all had a good laugh trying to watch him get in the balloon. I literally thought Megan was going to pee her pants.

With the kids getting to have so much fun, the big boys wanted to have some fun of their own (and of course so did I with pictures.)

What you’ll see next are some of my favorite family shots of the night. First off, Megan with her awesome dad.

My amazing son-in-law Robby and my likewise son Matt (with the kids who are still absorbing the trauma of their first ride). Matt and Robby always know how to make me laugh with their humor and wit. They are both such interactive fun dads.

My sweet and talented daughter-in-law with her mom, also a dear friend of mine.

My daughter, a gifted and dedicated mom and wife with yours truly. I have complained at times that I never have pictures taken of me playing with my grandkids and of course when the hubs does pick up the camera it is usually in manual mode and manual focus so you can imagine what the pictures turn out like. But there are times like this when things work out somehow and I have the beautiful memory you see here.

So let’s carry on with some 100th post celebratory stuff, shall we? Yes, lets. So Megan and Robby have us, my mom, and Matt, Danielle, and MJ for dinner two weeks ago under the disguise of Mike’s birthday dinner. Tricky. But then they brought out a gift saying “Happy Grandparents Day”.  Really? What could it be? I know you all want to know too, so here’s a picture that I snapped of it to show you.

“So, I’m looking at the picture of Sydney and saying “oh, that’s a picture I took of her … I love how you turned it into sepia.” Then I’m checking out the papers and cuteness of it all — totally missing the words “BIG SIS” at the top mind you — before strolling on over to the bud on the right — the sonogram. Then it hit me. I screamed, Mike and I started boo-hooing (with excitement of course), and then I screamed again when Megan said she was due … wait for it … are you ready? … three days before Danielle. People have asked me if Megan and Danielle planned this and the answer is “nope”. Megan did know she was pregnant when she learned of Danielle that night at the Fair so you can imagine her surprise and excitement as well. They were waiting to tell us after they got the sonogram, so everyone was shocked and excited all at the same time. The hubs and I are trying to take in the bigness of all this. Two babies could possibly be born on the same day and it’s just exciting thinking there will be another set of cousins growing up together. When we got home that night I suddenly felt v-e-r-y tired. That’s normal right? And a little overwhelmed? That’s normal too, right? And poor … tell me that’s not uncommon.

I am so blessed to have the hubs and family that I have. I can’t believe Megan and Robby live here now (for those who didn’t know, they lived in Hawaii 3.5 years during the girls first pregnancies). The kids get to experience each other’s pregnancies first hand this time around, and the whole family gets to experience the cousins growing up together. It’s an amazing time in our lives. If I had to come up with one word to describe the experience, it would be ….

lsj4157 - September 20, 2011 - 9:17 PM

You are right Mary, life at this stage is magical. Not because we are older, but because we have had the blessing of being witness to the cycle of life to see the beauty, the pain, the happiness, the sorrow, the God-moments in the unfolding of our families in progress. It doesn’t hurt to be wiser either. Watching our children and grandchildren grow and thrive is a blessing that can hardly be described.

LoraLee - September 20, 2011 - 10:06 PM

Well, you just made my day! It had been a long day and I thought I had better check emails in case there was something I needed to take action on. I would really rather have just gone to bed. BUT I see this email from Mary Mouser that I can never resist. And there is the sweetest, most exciting news of two babies AGAIN!!!! Oh, you guys, if this isn’t the most unbelievable news ever! How fun for those sweet kids to get to go through this together. I loved the pictures and the narrative as always was wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and thanks for letting us be in on the fun!!!!
Love to each of you!
LoraLee and Lee - September 21, 2011 - 4:42 AM

Who would have guessed when I took the “Magical” picture that it would have taken on such meaning. I sometimes still can’t stop shaking my head while smiling about this new news. I guess if you did it with three grandbabies so close in age, we’ll survive too, right? You did, survive, right Linda? I mean some days I do wonder about my friend. Ha! Love ya! - September 21, 2011 - 4:46 AM

Well if my post made your day, then know your comment made mine! The girls are tired and not feeling so good, but they always have a smile on their faces. Both of their pregnancies so far are much different than the first so could this mean reverse sexes this time? Time will tell! Love you guys.

Megan - September 21, 2011 - 7:51 AM

It was so fun to relive those two moments through your commentary and all the fun pictures! I was wondering when we were going to get to see the fair pictures!!! 🙂

Linda Johnston - September 21, 2011 - 8:36 AM

Yes, Mary, I did survive three grandbabies within a short time. Not to say I did so unscathed, I once volunteered myself and Jenness to watch the almost one year olds as well as the three older kids (that term is relative as they were all preschoolers) while everyone else went hunting for the day–OH MY, what WAS I thinking? However, I have to say that we did a fine job and all babies and their siblings came through the experience fed, diapered, napped, snuggled (when they’d let me) and loved. I know you well Mary, you will not only survive–you will thrive on these precioius little grandbabies!! Contrats to the whole family!

Aubrey - September 21, 2011 - 5:14 PM

Yeah!!!! So cool, I just love God’s timing with all of this, He is so good. I also think Megan could pass as one of those teenage kids on the rides & love that Matt & Robby are dressed alike. (they must have planned that ;- )) Congrats Grandma, “Guy” ! - September 21, 2011 - 5:27 PM

Awww, how sweet that you remembered MJ used to call me Guy. That changed after about six weeks … one day he just called me Gramma and it’s been that way every since. Kids are so funny, but then you know that. Wink.

Megan - September 21, 2011 - 9:08 PM

P.S. You need to watch the video we took of you when we handed you the picture…border line ridiculous how long it took you to figure it out! Danielle is snickering in the background and Dad is already crying.

P.P.S. My favorite picture is the one of Robby on the swing. Man, I married a cutie!

Your Man - September 22, 2011 - 4:15 PM

What a great 100 post! OUR kids and grandkids are magical just like their grandma. You always do a fantastic job on this blog and every asset of our lives.. Love you much.

Lori - September 27, 2011 - 5:16 PM

We’re SO excited for you Mary!! Twice as happy! - September 28, 2011 - 3:42 PM

Thank you Lori! It’s pretty darn exciting for sure. I had so much fun at Ella’s party. Wow, you guys really knocked yourself out and I can’t wait to work on her photos. She is such a doll in every way.

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