Mr. Perfect at 7 Months

Have you noticed that it’s been awhile since I had a g-babe on this blog? Well, let’s just change that right now. 🙂 Cole, or Mr. Perfect, as his momma calls him is now 7-½ months old. He is “such a good baby” as Granny Jo (his doting great-grandma) always says. “I’ve never seen him cry” says his Uncle Matt, and he’s never pooped but once on my watch so you can’t get more perfect than that! Of course I’ve thought that of each of my g-babes as well, but they are getting older and losing that baby innocence, and Cole is just a sweet dispositioned, happy, easy-going, and charming little guy right now. I think he looks most like Simone did at this age, but I see signs of the logical thinking that Sydney possessed when he studies someone for the first time. Santa didn’t leave him crying as some babies might have — although he did look a bit concerned as he studied the jolly old man. He is starting to figure out the crawling stance, but still gets on the ground and does the army crawl to wherever he wants to go. He just plays and tells stories to anyone who might be listening. He’s been on baby food prepared by Megan for about a month now, and most days he can take it or leave it she says — he’s more content just playing with the spoon (a second spoon of course). He’s no lightweight at 20 pounds (were any of my grandkids as babies? The answer is most definitely NO) and he is reaching the top of the height chart as the girls before him. No shortage of tall people in the Gerichs family, that’s for sure. Dad is 6’8″, Megan almost 5’10”, and Sydney is projected to be 6’1″ as an adult, and Simone 6’3″. That’s a lot of tall shop shopping folks! Now, with love from my camera to you … here’s Cole-Cole (as sister Simone calls him).



Love you Cole! XXO Gramma.  And Happy New Year to all of you from the rest of my g-babes too! (Sydney just turned 6 on New Year’s Day, MJ 6-¼, and Simone and Jayden now 3-¾.)



LoraLee Carter - January 12, 2016 - 6:32 AM

Cole’s little tee shirt says it all, “Handsome”! What a beautiful little guy he is, those blue eyes just melt your heart! Can’t believe how big all of the kids are getting, such dolls! Just LOVE seeing your pictures Mary, please keep them coming!! Love to everyone, Happy New Year!

Fairly Candid - January 12, 2016 - 8:44 AM

Aw, Lora Lee, it’s always so good to hear from you. I hope all is well in Fort Collins. Can’t wait to see you this year! Mary

Vince - January 12, 2016 - 10:39 AM

Perfect, indeed!

Megan - January 12, 2016 - 12:36 PM

I squealed inside when I saw this post notification in my inbox! Oh he’s such a sweet doll! Thanks for these unexpected and wonderful photos of our perfect little guy!

Kathy G - January 12, 2016 - 8:44 PM

I am now officially voting for my favorite picture, and it’s the first one.

Mary - January 12, 2016 - 8:51 PM

Mary I wish I was one of your grandkids so I could have so many sweet things written about me and my life in such beautiful pictures! You’re the best!

Fairly Candid - January 13, 2016 - 2:02 PM

Kathy G – all I can say is “Oh Snap! My favorite one too!” and Mary, you have the most charmed grandkids ever. You have been such a wonderful grandma role model for me. YOU are the best!

Aubrey - March 2, 2016 - 1:22 PM

I finally got to meet Cole and you are right- He is perfect! A true delight and so adorable!

Beautiful pictures of all the grandkids, what a splendid archive you have on each of them.

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