More Chicky Love

My friend Kathy has three beautiful granddaughters who live out-of-state. They are home for Spring Break and so I offered for them to come over and see Big Ben and the gang if they’d like. They liked. I asked Kathy to bring her camera and it made my heart happy that she was so snap happy that she filled up her memory card and actually had to go back and delete some to keep going! A girl after my own heart! Go Kathy, go Kathy! Have you ever seen six cuter chickies than these?!

I referred to the two bigger girls – Dana and Breezie – as the “Chicken Whisperers.” They were so good with the peeps that they would literally go to sleep in their hands. I’m sure they would have taken one home if they could. (I’m sure Mike would have let them if they could.)

There was just a little bit of chirping going on at times …

But Breezie never let them fall.

Breezie and Mylah wore matching aqua dresses and Dana was in a pretty black and pink dress — their Easter dresses. You’ll all be happy to know they never got pooped on — not even once! Look how natural Dana is with the chicks. She is such a sweet girl and a loving big sister.

And then there was two-year old Mylah. What a doll. Mylah loved the “birdies” — we think. She sat patiently for her “birdie” palms out. So far so good.

She even (impressively) held her composure when “Birdie” started to test his independence.

And then for whatever reason, she’d had enough with Birdie, and she sent him flying — well, sort of. Then she started to cry so we were asking her all kinds of questions like “What happened Mylah? Do you not want Birdie anymore? (Waaah!) Should Birdie go night-night? (WAaah!) Okay, we’ll put Birdie away.” (WAAAAH!)

Anything we said at this point only made her madder so that she cried harder (with us trying to keep from laughing because … come on … you have to admit this girl is one dramatic cutie-pie). Is there a “2-Year-Old Whisperer” in the house?

Finally, the question “Do you want Birdie to come back?” got a response to which she nodded her head and reached up her arms to her momma who handed her (a new) Birdie. Well, wouldn’t you know, that did the trick. That’s what she apparently wanted — Birdie.

We think?

But as they say, “all’s well that ends well” and the six little chickies that all started happy, ended happy.

And this little birdie? Well, I’m quite sure there was a peep of relief when this photo shoot was over.

Linda - April 26, 2011 - 8:30 PM

Cute little chickys all.

Kathy - April 27, 2011 - 9:41 AM

Oh Mary – you did such a good job capturing my beautiful little girls! Thank you for the wonderful blessing of having us over and showing loving patience through all the drama! And, although Mylah looks like a three year old she is actually only two! Hence, the drama…
A memory I am sure the girls will remember for a long time. - April 27, 2011 - 9:54 AM

Glad you liked them and have fun with all the pictures you took. Oops, thought someone said Mylah was three … I made the correction in the post. 2 … 3 … 6 … 8 … whatever their ages, they are all beauties, those girls!