“MJ” (Matthew Junior)

MJ is the oldest of my four grandkids turning the BIG 3 in just under a month. Waaaaa! I don’t want these kids to grow up yet! He’s so cute, and as smart as they come … so inquisitive about everything! He asks a billion questions that he seriously wants to know every answer to. He’s always on the go and my camera has to try and keep up with him! He’d much rather have me playing with him than to sit him down for a picture so those are the times I take advantage of. At a recent playground and water park, he wanted his clothes off to run in the water, but we agreed the shorts had to remain on (oh Gramma). He was having so much fun that he ran over to me and said “Gramma, take your shirt off and come play with me!” He seriously meant it. I seriously told him that would NOT be a good idea. “But it’s okay Gramma if you want to do that.”  Then he wanted to know why the girls in the water park squealed every time they went in the water. I explained about three times and each time got the same response … “I know Gramma, but why do they scream every time?” He is so charming and endearing. Having gotten all wet, we made a dry clothes run to Gordman’s to buy dry shorts and underwear. The Star Wars Darth Vader undies called out to him. By the time we’d left the store he had every detail he could get out of me about the movie I’d watched only once over 30 years ago. He also scored a new BSU shirt, because seriously, how can you resist the “Gramma, I’ll bet that Bronco shirt will fit me if you want it to.” The next time I saw him he came running in the door (with his new BSU shirt on) and some new soccer shoes and ball with a big, loud and proud “Gramma, I got new soccer shoes and ball. Wanna play soccer with me!!” Duh, that’s a no brainer so off we went to the school playground to play soccer where the kid always impresses me. He’s just naturally good at sports — any sports — and has the most amazing hand-eye-foot coordination. He’s a lover most of the time but can show his indifferent side as well. Come on, he is still two after all. He’s his little brother’s biggest fan — always so sweet to him — and it’s obvious they will be the best of buds as Jayden gets older. We were at Big Al’s for lunch after our play date at the park then went to watch a family bowl. He was clapping and telling them ‘good job’ to which they bowled a little bit better from all the encouragment he was giving them. He’s the sweetest boy, so happy, more mature in thought than the size of his body and I never tire of his grown up sentences and inquisitive questions. While I got behind on my pictures of the summer, the following ones were all taken in September. To give you a greater sense of the spark that is MJ, please visit my daughter-in-law’s adorable blog called “The Wild Adventures of the Mouser House” and this post in particular called High School as an example of how he talks and thinks. I smile. You smile. Love you MJ!

Showing me his muscles.

The following pictures were taken this past Sunday — the day it rained. My wonderful sister, Julie, planned the most amazing “Adventure” for all the kids in the family, but what the adventure was, was kept a secret. The rules were to be on time and bring a camera (I was all over that). It was raining — but wouldn’t you know it — the rain stopped about 10 minutes after we gathered at the house and a few minutes after that here came the adventure — “Breezie” a little pony hooked to a little carriage ready to give all the kids as many rides as they wanted.

Where you find one of these Mouser Men, you’ll usually find the other. They are pretty much inseparable.

After the horse rides, Julie had a scavenger hunt planned. Each child had a bag and a paper that were all different from the others. They had to find the stuff on their paper (hidden on the porch since the yard was wet) while leaving the other things behind. They had so much fun and took it so seriously. Parents or grandparents were allowed to help and it surprisingly lasted a long while because of all the trinkets she had. Following that was dinner and then as each child left they were handed a picture frame to put one of their photos in as a memory.  Thank you Julie for all your hard work and imagination. It really was a special time.

Lindaj - September 29, 2012 - 10:27 AM

You know, it is one thing to take beautiful pictures, which you do, but the “in the moment” descriptions of the things they say and do helps to captures the beauty of their little hearts and unique personalities. So amazingly well done Mary, I love your adventures with MJ, Jayden, Sydney and Simone. Gosh, I wish my grandkids had a grandma with such talent!!

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