Matt and Lacey say "I DO!"

The wedding we’ve all been looking forward to is now behind us. The bride and groom are now officially on their own and the time they spent getting to know one another will now play out living together. The bride and groom’s mothers will soon have a hobby room/guest room. The check books can be retired for now but the adjustment period is just beginning. It’s a happy and bitter-sweet moment. I know, I’ve been through it … twice. Weddings are so much work but “oh so worth it” when it all comes together. This wedding was “oh so worth it.” Congratulations and blessings, Matt and Lacey, on the new life ahead of you, and to you, Jim and Kathy, on helping to organize such a beautiful event. It was a wonderful celebration and your guests had a wonderful time!

Wedding photographs were taken by Jennifer Oates of O2 Photography who is the best in this business, hands down. Jennifer photographed our son’s wedding three years ago and our grandbabies last summer. She has some amazing wedding photos of Matt and Lacey and the wedding party posted on her blog so check them out here. The candids I am posting here are just that, but they were taken with love and posted with love. I hope you enjoy reliving some of the moments from my perspective.

I’m starting off with a few “before wedding” shots.

Oh don’t look so surprised. You all knew I was going to work my grandbabies in first somehow. Don’t kid yourselves to think that I wouldn’t do it! This is 17 month old MJ, the Ring Bearer thinking “Where is everybody? … they were all up here with me last night at the rehearsal.” Well, the wedding party was up in the hills getting some really cool shots, and let’s face it MJ, you might have been a party pooper (literally) so best you stayed behind. He does look pretty dapper though, doesn’t he?

Once the wedding party returned, the anticipation started to build, and Lacey never looked more beautiful! She was just beaming.

Matt was looking pretty handsome himself. He cleans up real nice, don’t you think … but I was somewhat expecting a pocket swatch of “camo”.

And here’s our good friends Jim and Kathy, the bride’s parents, looking so happy and decked out. You both looked amazing (especially you Kathy — Wow! Beautiful!)

My kids, aka “The Maid of Honor,” “Best Man,” and “Ring Bearer” have a little family time before their next duty. “Wow, Mamma, those are really pretty earrings you have.”

The guests are now arriving and wearing their Sunday best for the occasion.

It was only moments before the wedding and I was sitting there taking in the fact that my Hawaiian kids just moved home two days earlier and were sitting right next to me. I look over to be sure it’s real when I see these two beautiful blue eyes staring at me melting my heart once again. Somebody pinch me. (Hello sweet baby girl.)

 The pew flowers were in place and the color mood set.

The Groom’s parents, Mike and Nancy, made their entrance.

Troy escorted his mother in.

The mothers had finished their responsibilities with the mixing of the glitter.

The Groomsmen were in place. (Note to self: Next time use my lens hood.)

The Brides Maids and Maid of Honor were in place.

The moment was building when the bride and her father would enter the room, but first one “tiny” detail remained … the Ring Bearer. Would he do it? Our family had all had their doubts, but never his mother. And so it was that the little guy, pacifier and all, with his pillow of purple and orange took center stage (to the few lucky people who could see him that is) for one brief moment. But just in case he decided to do something unexpected (like any year-and-a-half year old could and would do) he was accompanied by his Aunt Meagan. Good job MJ.

 And then the moment finally arrived — the entrance of the beautiful bride accompanied by her adoring father. The entrance was not without tears.

 Do you Matt and Lacey promise to take each other on the adventure of your life? (my paraphrase.) “We do!”

Seems Matt was so ready for that adventure that he forgot to kiss the bride … or would have … had the pastor not saved him! But he more than made up for it.

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. was never so fun as this — with balloons! I think a “balloon release” at a wedding was a first for me. With the wedding colors being purple, black, silver, and a touch of orange, the balloons made it so festive and fun. The kids loved the balloons too.

MJ and Grannie take time to smell the roses.

It seems purple Converse are all the fashion rage this year.

The Reception was at Barber Park and was perfect in every way. Below the bride and groom are listening to the husband-and-wife toast team. They all eventually cried and I pretty much did too.

The bridal bouquet sits in all it’s glory while the toast is made. The wedding and reception flowers were made by Stephanie Smith of Sweet Peas and Lace Floral. If you are planning an event, she’s your gal.

“Did I smear my make-up?”

What’s a reception without the beautiful Bride and Groom’s First Dance as husband and wife.

And the Dad-Daughter dance where dad gets to hold his daughter as tight as he possibly can knowing he will then release her into the care of her new “One and Only.” It’s a moment to be treasured like he’s never known before.

And this photo warms my heart in every way. Every bride’s mother should have this look showing the enjoyment that comes from knowing she did everything she could do to help plan the perfect farewell for her daughter’s transition into the life of “wife.”

And the look in Nancy’s eyes says it all as well. “I’m proud of you Son, oh so proud of you.”

It seems the wedding couple got to have their cake and eat it too! The cake was by Greg Marsh of Greg Marsh Cakes in Eagle. I love, love his cakes. Mmmm, I held out for the bottom flavor — red velvet.

But if red velvet wasn’t your thing, there were other choices.

Once the cake was cut and the bouquet and garter thrown (I was holding a sleeping baby), there was dancing to be done. Lots of dancing. Lots of fun energetic dancing by all ages, especially by my friends who really know how to shake up the dance floor. So did the bride. Shake, shake, shake — shake, shake, shake — shake your bootie — shake your bootie!

 Mike took this next picture and I love it. We got the cool dudes in the front of the picture probably talking about the cooler dudettes in the back of the picture. Live on “Saturday Night Fever” — live on!

Mikie showing his friends a little love. A wedding is definitely one place where you get that loving’ feeling’. (I feel a Elvis song coming on … “You’ve lost that loving’ feeling … oh o that loving’ feeling … You’ve lost that loving’ feeling now it’s gone, gone, gone, oh o oh wo oh.”) Not here Elvis … no love lost here tonight!

Auntie Megan is lovin on her sweet but tired nephew.

And isn’t it amazing what a little nap will do for you. A few others could probably have used a nap as well!

Matt and Lacey, always remember how much your family — and friends of family — love you.

As you go forward in your marriage, here’s to having a circle of good friends by your side when times get a little crazy.

And as weddings go, well, this one got two thumbs up!

As for you, Jim and Kathy, welcome to the “Parents with Married Children Club!” We love you!

Kathy Sereduk - April 12, 2011 - 1:51 PM

AMAZING pictures and blogging! Thank you so much Mary!
What a treasure to have. It was a fun day, and I am so glad that we got to share it with our friends and family. Whose next?

Aubrey Archuleta - April 13, 2011 - 12:01 PM

Such a beautiful day! I love that you have all those kids & grandkids there now 😀 SUCH A JOY. - April 13, 2011 - 12:10 PM

Thanks Aubrey, and you know I love having everyone here too! And you know your mom is going to miss you guys when you move, right? At least you’ll live fairly close and SW air can have them there in a jiffy if needed. Today is a good day. Smile. Mary

Your Man - April 18, 2011 - 5:36 PM

And you don’t want to do weddings. What fantastic pics you take. You are a natural. love you.

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