March Gladness

March is the month of “March Madness” in basketball which Mike loves, but for me, it’s more like “March Gladness” — having four g-babes that take away all my madness. 🙂

First up of some of my favorite photos taken during the month is Jayden who turns ONE on April 8th. How did that happen?!

Normally Grampa or I give the baths at our house, but I was playing with MJ and those bananas just had to get out of Jayden’s hair. Besides, if I would have given him the bath that night, how would I have captured this sweet Daddy moment?

Sometimes MJ appeases me and we play “little girls” instead of trucks and dinosaurs, or whatever else we play. He’s a good sport.

Danielle organized a “Craft Day” this month for the cousins and my nephew’s two kids. A good time was had by all while doing three crafts (none of them mine). Kudos to Danielle, Megan, and my sister for their chicken plates, flower pots, and chicken feet. The kids took them very seriously as you can see.

And I scored this awesome picture of my ageless mom while planting those pots in the back yard.

Playgrounds always have been, and probably always will be a huge part of Sydney’s life.

The married kids went to a hockey game together one night so Grampa and I met everyone for dinner then drove the two cars home with the four kids, leaving the married kids with my SUV. This was our first time watching all four at the same time, and it was no easy feat, especially at bedtime with the bath, snack, bottle routine. Phew! We were exhausted. I tried to do a photo session with the four of them, but you can see that went south real quick. It’s hard with a walker and a crawler, and two excitable three year olds. And. I. Love. It!

We were pooped when the married kids came to scoop up their chillins’ around 10:30. The two babies were asleep but these two monkeys were still going strong so I invited them to spend the night. This is the second time I have had these two wiggle-worms at the same time. Now, to get this picture in your mind … place me in the middle of these two! I am requested to tell stories, sing songs, play I See I See, or do Silly Games for much too long, and I am wiped out the next morning, but I do it hoping the memories last for a long time. I had someone tell me the other day that they don’t build lasting memories until they are much older. To that I say “pashaw” which I have no idea what that means or how it’s spelled, but I think it’s somewhere along the lines of “bull crappy.”

Simone just turned 11 months on March 28th. I love this age and I think she is going to be playground fearless like her big sis.

You heard of a barn-raisin’? Well, my son had a tree fallin’ … toward his house after it was notched! Matt had to climb up in the tree, tie a rope around it, and pull it down with the truck. There were some tense moments, but the boys had fun playing in the trailer.

With Matt and Danielle having Easter dinner at her mom’s house this year, they joined us at First Baptist for the service and some after church photos. We have gone there for over 50 years, and Easter tradition was always to take family pictures afterwards so I took a bunch. These are a few of my favs.

I thought MJ looked like he should be Orville Redinbacker’s grandson. 🙂 He was so handsome in his suit and when I told him so, he said “I know, my mommy fixed my hair!”

Could this next picture be any sweeter? This is how Jayden feels about his big brother, and the feeling is mutual.

Following church, we had dinner at our house for several branches of the family tree. There was a bunch of us and we had a rare sighting of the Easter Bunny. Not sure why kids are so drawn to the bunny though …

I thought it was kind of scary myself.

This next picture makes me smile because Syd was so proud of her cookies she decorated all by herself! Can you tell?

Syd was ready for her (daily, weekly, monthly) shot in my little make shift studio. Not sure what was going on with Simone however. Maybe she saw the Easter Bunny!

To all my readers, a belated, but very much heartfelt Happy Easter. As a believer I know that Easter is fun with all it’s chocolate, eggs, and Easter Bunny (which we enjoy as well), but naturally it would be a terrible grievance if we didn’t honor the really meaning as well. We have a Lord who took all our sins upon him, went to the cross with human emotion and pain as a sacrifice for us, then on the third day, rose again to live once more.

He is Risen! And the people replied, He is Risen Indeed.

In Christ’s Love, Mary

Megan - April 2, 2013 - 3:42 PM

Of course I loved this post with all my heart- my favorite little people were in front of your lens!!!

I love the title also- what a sweet tribute to the loves in your life. I can’t get enough of those happy faces.

Love how in the last picture Syd is like “Don’t look at me, I don’t know what her problem is…but I didn’t do it!”

Danielle - April 2, 2013 - 11:08 PM

I loved everything about this post except re-living the tree getting cut down! That was one stressful day. I am so glad that I have you documenting our lives, because lets face it…if it weren’t for you, our kids would have nothing to look at when they grow up! THANK YOU!!!

Tracey - April 3, 2013 - 9:01 AM

Love your Pictures Mary! I’m glad I don’t hve to pick my favorite. They have changed so much in the last year. So
much enjoyment! How lucky you and Mike are to have
such a wonderful family. I hope your grown children and their spouses know how lucky they are to have parents that love their children as much as you and Mike do!

Fairly Candid - April 3, 2013 - 9:33 AM

Tracy, you are always so kind, and I agree … these kids have all changed so much, especially the last several months. They have all become new little thinkers, walkers, crawlers, and talkers and they are so fun to watch and interact with. And yes, Mike and I feel the love and appreciation from the biggest kids — ours.

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