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On July 4th I got the privilege of photographing Laura and Dave’s family. Laura and I work together and share a common interest in God, have kids close in age, and each have a grandson and a granddaughter so you can imagine how we often share the joys of grandparenting! Her daughter, son-in-law and grandson live out-of-state and are in town visiting before moving to another state — sadly even further from Dave and Laura than the first state (I feel for you Laura). Their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter live in town so they get the joy of seeing little Ellie more often. Speaking of Ellie, she has filled out since I first met her for photographs a few months back, and while I didn’t get a picture of one, that girl has the sweetest smile!  As for Isaac, well he has always reminded me of MJ so hearing him say “all done” made me laugh — even though it didn’t stop me from taking more.

Laura’s family picked the location which was beautiful. It was fun to see kids playing in the water and a few rafts floating by (that I had to edit out of the backgrounds) so since it was hot we cooled off in the water ourselves at times. When on land, I had a first — sitting in dog poop! The worst part was that I had just washed and ironed those shorts!

Thank you Laura. You and Dave have some awesome kids and grandbabies and it’s always a treat to be around them. Just think, you have a new travel destination in your future! Michigan, here you come! (All the more fun to try out that new camera of yours.)  🙂

shayna - July 9, 2011 - 4:58 PM

Mary, I love your subject matter in this one! Laura is such a beautiful person and it’s wonderful to see her entire family. What a happy, good looking bunch. Great job on the pictures and capturing this families warmth. - July 10, 2011 - 8:57 AM

Thank you Shayna! I’ll make sure she sees your nice comment.

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