Maci Ray Ann [Newborn]

Meet Maci and her mom Amy. Maci was two weeks old when we shot these, and to be quite honest I offered to take them for free to give me more experience with newborns. I have been studying some different poses and needed to try them out and on most photo shoots, I usually feel fairly confident, but for some reason this little cutie had me all in a quandry! Maybe because she was so little … a fragile 5.12 lbs. at birth, but she looked even more itty-bitty in person. She was as sweet as they come! Even after cranking up the heat to a blistering 90 degrees it took a while and a couple of feedings to get her into a deep enough sleep for some of these shots and then I was afraid to move her much! Such intimidation from someone so small — how does that happen! They may not be the photos I had in my mind, but they sweeten even me seeing them here. I think Amy is going to make a fine little mom, and I loved hearing her say over and over to Maci “oh, you are just so cute.” God can guide us through the most difficult decisions that life can offer, and as a teen mom, Amy has the love and support of her family to raise this sweet baby girl.

The thing I love about newborns is that flaky skin and hairy body that will all too soon be gone. It would be hard to remember those tiny details if it weren’t for photos. New moms think they’ll be small for a long time. Old moms know they won’t.

A friend and co-worker, Deanna Silvers, made the beautiful cocoon you’ll see in the next few photos. I love it and I could see the advantage of moms owning one just to snuggle baby in. I must have been expecting all the babies I would photograph to be 8-10 pounds, however, because I had her make it kind of big. I had to fold it over for little Maci, but doesn’t it look so cozy! Perhaps I now need one in a smaller size. Yep, I think I do!

I think this little one is going to be ready for the adventures of life. I hear she has a cousin coming in January so I can already see the family get-togethers with all the noise, and love, and giggles. I know something about that! 

Amy and Suzie, thank you for making the trek out to my house and sharing a few hours of your morning sweating with me! It was so good catching up with you both and thank you for sharing your story with me. I see the love of a family making a difficult situation a blessing and I know Maci is going to be surrounded in love and support at every turn. Love, Mary

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Cindy - October 30, 2011 - 3:18 PM

These are so beautiful, Mary! You could feel the love just looking at them. What a sweet little angel. Love that hat!

Linda Johnston - October 30, 2011 - 6:48 PM

Oh my goodness, such a beautiful sweet baby!! Congratulations to Amy, Suzie and Ryan. Such precious pictures Mary, what a treasure.

Aubrey - October 30, 2011 - 6:51 PM

Congrats to Amy, nothing like a baby to flip our world upside down in the most wonderful way! Newborn pics are the ones I wish I could do over, so good on ya, Mary, for seizing the moment.

Susie Tilton - November 1, 2011 - 7:08 PM

A beautiful experience! Much more personal than “studio” pics! Thank you Mary for this gift, I enjoyed the visiting with you and it made me realize how I miss my FBC family! Watching my daughter adore her precious new daughter through the morning was priceless. This was far more than a photo session. . . it was so amazing to take time out of the morning to celebrate and focus completely on God’s gift to Amy. . . sweet little Maci! Thank You! - November 1, 2011 - 7:29 PM

That’s sweet Susie. What a good grandma you are going to be and so dedicated to helping raise a new generation! Seeing you has reminded me of how much we miss seeing you at FBC too. I came back after two years … maybe you should too! 😉 I think your love bucket is going to run over with this little one. Enjoy!

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