Little Lila Sunshine

I was excited to get the chance to photograph Lila, a newly turned three year old, but having never met her or her mom didn’t know what to expect. She was a little ray of sunshine in her sparkly new sunshine dress with a giggle at everything I said. I’m not sure I ever hear but a few words come out of her — only happy giggles — but in the end she asked me if I would like to get a treat with her. How old are you Lila? (Giggle) What’s your brother’s name? (Luke. Giggle) I like your dress — do you think they make it in my size? (Giggle) Could you sit here for me? (Giggle) She was pretty darn cute to say the least! I loved that her mom, Crystal, brought just her for pictures to celebrate her third birthday that was in early July. It’s a special time and as we know kids grow so fast so capture it while you can! 🙂


[…] years ago when I photographed her then two-year old daughter, Little Lila Sunshine as I called her (see her post here). Now it’s Luke’s time to shine and if any kid has ever reminded me of what I might […]

[…] will do or say — or not say or do. Lila was a quiet little giggle box when I photographed her at 3 so I was looking forward to seeing her now that she recently turned 4. Guess what? She was still a […]

Lila at Five » - July 19, 2016 - 11:42 PM

[…] back! You can see her here at three, here at four, and now she’s five and all dressed up in her new party dress. […]

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