Lily is the granddaughter of my good friend Gloria, a Jr/Sr high school friend that I reconnected with five years ago. We have a great time when we get the chance to get together, which is often with another good friend of ours from high school — and another Mary — who cuts my hair. “Dinner and a haircut” is what we call it. Well, Lily just turned one last week so I invited Gloria over to snap a few Valentine pictures with her. Her momma went shopping the night before so Gramma came over with a whole bag of the cutest clothes, coats, shoes, and tights. This little pre-walker wears them all well. 🙂

The rocker in these next pictures was our gift to my daughter for her first birthday. Go ahead, let’s hear it … awwww! Sniff. The adorable red dress is what Lily wore to her birthday party. She was ready for the runway! 🙂

Lily’s mom, Dawn, gifted me the following tutu as a baby prop months ago, but I had yet to put it on anyone. When I looked in the bag of clothes Gloria brought, and saw this adorable (times 2) handmade hat, I started whooping it up! What kind of a coincidence was that, and, seriously, how much do I love these last two poses?! Thank you Dawn, and thank you Gloria for the wonderful friend that you are.

Dawn Wickham - February 18, 2013 - 10:21 AM

OMIGOSH! I havent seen all of those!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for showing the world how beautiful my baby can be! (when she’s not grouchy from teething…) ^_^

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