Lifestyle with Alison

Alison is the librarian at the law firm I work for and we’ve worked together for many years. I love that she stops by my desk many mornings to say hello as we share a bit about our day or weekend. She lives in a cute little apartment up in the foothills with a tiny little patio where we did most of our shots since the windows were too small to get much indoor lighting. She wanted some pictures of her and Lily, her 4-year-old Cairn Terrier … only problem is, Lily gets a bit excited about apartment living so she doesn’t get to go to the patio without her leash (held tightly). As if that wasn’t enough, she was so excited to have me there visiting for the first time! Hey, dogs like me, ok (although I’m sure Lily likes everybody). The main intent of my visit was for Alison and Lily pics, but when I walked in to Alison’s apartment I could see her love for books and music everywhere. There was some beautiful classical music on the stereo, books stacked here and there, and one paper-back book lying open-faced down on top of a throw, on top of the couch … telling signs of where Alison likes to relax after looking over law materials all day (borrrring). In the dining area was a music stand with billions of music notes on just one page, another telling sign of an accomplished musician. She plays the flute. I suggested we capture some of those images as well to show the lifestyle this hard-working woman has. She agreed and I am happy to share with you some of the images taken that started as a challenge in such a confined space to become such a wonderful hour spent with Alison.

And to end it off, something a little more professional for the Linked-In professional that Alison is.

Gudrun - July 25, 2012 - 5:09 PM

Great pictures, you look terrific! WTG Alison!

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