On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we always get to spend time with our good friends from Cottonwood to watch the BSU game. Mike and Pat attended the game in person while Cheri, Katie and Waylon, their two adorable girls, and my kids — and two likewise adorable grandkids — watched from the TV at our house (well, we sort of watched … it was much more fun to catch up). Katie and Waylon’s kids are now 3-1/2 and 8 months, and Macy (the baby) is a big squishy marshmallow that I could just eat! I had just photographed the sweetest newborn that morning (post coming soon!) so had set up a backdrop with an antique quilt. I still had it up when company arrived soooooo … let’s All Hail the Queen!

Well, of course Kenzie wanted in on the action too. Come on Big Sister, give me that angelic face.

And of course my granddaughter, Sydney, walked in the room and wanted her picture taken too (or maybe she just wanted to be up on the dining room table). Either way, she wiggled and wormed and finally gave me her best smile. Melt. Me.

Macy was tired and Grandma swayed her. “You are very relaxed Macy … you are getting very very tired.” ┬áCheri almost had her asleep … just a few more minutes. Good job Grandma. But then┬áMomma walked in the room and no more sleepy baby.

Not to leave my grandson out, you can see he is all B-S-U. He really sports his colors — from his orange shirt to his blue striped undies. Go Broncos!

Thanks for the visit friends! It was great seeing you again! Love, Mary

Megan - November 27, 2011 - 10:53 PM

Argh, I can’t get enough of the cheesy eyes-closed grin!!! - November 27, 2011 - 10:54 PM

I know! Me too!

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