Katelyn and the Boys [Mini-Session]

These photos are only now being revealed as a request of Katelyn to keep them off the blog until after Christmas. Seems enlargements were part of family gifts this year and she didn’t want me spoiling the surprise. It was the first weekend of November when we shot these photos. The weather was warm and the leaves were at their prime. Seems like a looooong time ago, doesn’t it! This is Katelyn, mom to two little wranglers who are as cute as they come with a new one on the way. Two-and-a-half year old Carter is the older of the two, with curly locks and long long eyelashes that curl as well. He was busy and joyful, and didn’t want to be restricted to the legs of adults when there was such wide open spaces to explore. Mason, at 15 months, did everything he could to keep up with his brother. They were constantly moving and I was doing my best to keep up with them! Very cute boys to say the least. Logan is Katelyn’s boyfriend and small world that it is, I know both of these kids from a different time and place, and now here they are all grown up and together. Crazy how that happens. 🙂

Susan - January 8, 2013 - 7:03 PM

I was a thrilled recipient of one of the enlargements on Christmas morning! I sat quietly on the couch – tears rolling down my cheeks – overwhelmed by a sense of peace. I have prayed through the years that my children would meet Mr. or Mrs. “Right”. Logan is truely in love with this girl and I am so excited that she is our future daughter (in-law)! (official engagement was on Christmas Day) We love Carter and Mason too! Mary, you have an amazing gift in capturing “personality” in your pictures – and Logan said this wasn’t an easy session! Thanks for your patience- my gift is beautiful and probably one of my favorites for this year!

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