Jayden’s ONEderful Birthday!

Happy first birthday Jayden! What can I say about this g-babe of mine … that he can flash a smile that just melts my heart or make an expression that sends me laughing, that as a walker for two months now is happier than ever (if that’s even possible), is fearless around stairs (I see a tumble in his future), that he has six teeth, is a lover bug of the highest proportions, thinks “no” is a fun game and not a directive, and that he can eat his weight in food at one sitting. He is such a messy joy! 🙂 His hair has had quite an interesting mullet these past few months but Matt didn’t want Danielle to cut it until he was ONE. The day finally came and he got his first haircut the day of his party on Saturday the 6th. He did so well … or maybe it was Danielle who did so well manuvering the twists and turns of a ONE year old without nicking either her or him. She does have a talent this girl!

“Gramma, aren’t you going to save me?”

“P-l-e-e-e-a-s-e Gramma?”

“I look so handsome.”

You’ve all heard the expression “having your cake and eating it too.” Well in this case it was more like “having your cake and playing with it too.” After a great homemade dinner, Danielle had a little backdrop set up for Jayden’s Cake Smash with his own little sugar free cake. Only problem is, he didn’t want to smash it … or eat it. (Maybe he was full from dinner?) So the rest of the family did! C-A-K-E   F-I-G-H-T-! What great kids I have to allow this moment to be one of fun memories for their boys (and Syd) instead of worrying about the mess. And can I just say that while the rest of us just looked at the mess and didn’t have a clue where to start, Uncle Robby just jumped in and had it cleaned up in a jiffy. Thank you Robby!!!

Not the reaction we were expecting but after a little more coaxing, he gave it another try or two.

“Mmmmmm, maybe this isn’t so bad after all!”

It was a priceless moment when Jayden walked over and gave his mom a bite … then proceeded to paint her face with frosting.

That kissable “sweet” face.

If you are feeling sorry for Danielle … just remember she started it! What a good sport she is. 🙂

Matt and Danielle’s dog, Bowie, was on clean up duty.

So was Jayden.

On Jayden’s actual birthday of Monday, April 8, the girls and the four g-babes came to see me at work, then we had lunch and played a bit before taking some pictures of Jayden as a ONE year old. It was cold and windy but we managed to get some keepers. We’ll be doing more formal birthday/family photos towards the end of the month not only of Jayden and his family, but of Simone and her family as well since she turns ONE on April 28th. Matt and Danielle are also celebrating five years of marriage this month as well (with something special coming up to commemorate it — stay tuned!). It’s an exciting month for sure.

And below is big brother MJ, now 3-1/2 and full of handsome. I think he has model potential … what do you think? I think I’d like to bottle me some of that cuteness for when he is bigger and not into picture-takin’ cause you know that day will come. 🙁

His serious “cool” look.

And as a nice surprise to the day, there were more future playmates born into the family. My nephew had twin boys born on the 8th as well. Here they are at ONE day old. So handsome. Congratulations to all!




Proud Mama - April 11, 2013 - 8:48 AM

Where to start…the look on Jaydens face in the first haircut picture is so adorable. Those blue eyes get me every. single. time! All of the cake pictures are my favorite, and the one of him peeking through the railing at the park is definitely frame worthy. Speaking of frame worthy…or should I say FAME worthy is that sassy/serious gem of Mj. I may have a model on my hands 😉 Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures!!

Smitten Auntie - April 11, 2013 - 1:34 PM

I’m with the Proud Mama- that first picture killed me. His closed mouth grin is so freaking cute I can hardly handle it. Such a happy-go-lucky little fellow he is- I’m so excited to see his personality develop more!

MJ? Serious handsome, cuteness going on there. You’re going to have girls swooning. Oh my hell he’s adorable.

Love them both!!!

Aubrey - April 21, 2013 - 9:19 AM

What a hoot! I love all the adults getting in on the smash cake. And, what fun it must be to have such cuties stopping by work! Happy Birthday, Jayden!

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