It's Almost Easter … Got Your Happy On?

I planned a pre-Easter “play date” for April 20th (which just happened to coincide with MJ’s 18 month birthday). My daughter, daughter-in-law, and the grandbabies came over in the morning after breakfast with Easter outfits in hand because sometimes it’s better to get those pictures out of the way early in case it doesn’t pan out on Easter. We’ll have a house full of family and enough other activities to attend to.

To start, I had everything set up for the g-babes to color Easter eggs so we got right to it knowing somebody would need a nap sometime (possibly Gramma). I (of course – duh) had kept the painting smocks my own kids wore growing up so with them in place we were off.  The girls started off helping their tots with how to hold the spoon, dip the eggs, and most importantly … to be gentle. “Be gentle” were words they would hear often in the next 30 to 40 minutes. “Gentle MJ, be gentle.” “Sydney, be gentle.” Life skills … moms are in the business of teaching life skills (because some things in life are just fragile) and what better way to teach life skills than with fragile eggs in a captive learning environment, right?

From here on out the babes were on their own and trust me, it was all business with them. Capital A, Capital L, Capital L — ALL business. There could have been a pink elephant in the room and I doubt they would have noticed it. They both showed little emotion, Sydney even less than MJ, but that’s her logical pensive personality shining through. Don’t think she didn’t like her project, though, because you would be mistaken. Even attempts at getting her to smile proved fatile, but how can you resist this next look? Be still my heart!

“Uh oh.” 

“That’s okay MJ, just be gentle.”

It seemed the blue and purple dyes were the favorites and after they came out of any other color, they got a bath in blue and purple.

For MJ, he eventually preferred using his hands over the spoons — until he saw what his hands looked like. “Uh oh.”

The silliness of MJ’s Auntie gave us one smile during the project. Sydney? Well, she was busy and couldn’t be bothered. (Notice how gently that spoon is jabbing up and down?)

And with the gentle jabbing, a discovery was made.

“What are you doing up there Gramma?” “Did I do something wrong?”

“Nope, you did everything perfect, Baby Girl. Just perfect.”

And here’s my g-babes gently dyed Easter eggs. I showed Mike, and later Matt, and for whatever reason they just looked at the eggs, looked at me, looked back at the eggs. They were pretty much speechless … until they started laughing. Anyone want a gently dyed hard boiled Easter egg?

 As for the Easter outfit photo shoot, well, that’s another story entirely.

It’s almost Easter … got your happy on?


Megan - April 21, 2011 - 6:23 PM

I know a Gramma who has her happy on!!!

What a fun day- thanks for making Easter egg-stra (i know, so cheesy) this year.

Lucky little grandkids you have!!!

amandapfeifer - April 21, 2011 - 7:00 PM

nice work.
A very similar story for us last year..
egg dying just didn’t go over great with my daughter and 3 of her friends last year. We tried making eggs from rice crispies, and dipped them in chocolate and candies. Thought it might be more age appropriate, and go over better… it didn’t. They just ate the candy.
I love setting up holiday “to-do’s” and love it no matter the outcome!

Kathy Jones - April 22, 2011 - 2:09 PM

Ahhh – but it all finally came together as your next post proves. Great fun pictures – You have so much fun with those grandbabies of yours. They truly are the luckiest! I am in the midst of trying to create my own memories with my girls running all around – my how I have missed them!!! They are so cute! - April 22, 2011 - 2:16 PM

Thank you Kathy, Having grandbabies is the best as you well know since you are several “Grandma Years” ahead of me. If you want to have your girls meet Big Ben, Benny and the Jets, and Soul Sista, bring them over before they return home — I’ll have them another week or so. Bring your camera too!

Today is a good day. Smile. Mary

Laura Higgs - April 22, 2011 - 7:36 PM

Love it. So daring with all that color. I would have had to do it outside on the grass. I’m so much more boring. - April 22, 2011 - 10:38 PM

Soooo cheesy but love it and love you!

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