I’m Officially Caught Up!

I have been a bit negligent of my blog this winter, using the time instead to get new pictures on my walls, time spent with g-babes and friends, movies watched (Silver Linings Playbook being my favorite), and some Spring cleaning done. When I have extra time (is there such a thing?), I sit and edit, and edit, and edit all those random pictures I’ve taken including — but not limited to — g-babes and family outings, events at my office job, and church activities or classrooms that I get asked (or volunteer) to take. I have good intentions but I can’t always get to them right away — especially when I get too busy with client sessions, as was the case last summer and fall (paying customers come first!). It has literally taken me the last two months to get them done! I shoot everything in RAW so there is always time involved in processing to JPEG, but as of this moment, I am caught up with pictures that I thought I needed to take for some reason or the other. As my good friend Gloria always says … just shoot me! Below you’ll find a few samples of pics taken the first time Mike and I took Syd and MJ bowling just before MJ’s birthday in October (where you’ll see that even bad blurry pictures can be a treasured keepsake); Megan’s half marathon where she scooped a tired Syd up at the finish line; some random camping shots; a few of my niece’s daughter at her gymnastics meet; my attempt at getting a picture of a golf club hitting a golf ball; January snow; some of the sweet children of our church and the impressive youth group at The Hub; and even one of Paul Revere of Paul Revere and the Raiders who we went to see in Jacpot with some good friends. Yes, he is still alive at 75 and putting on a fabulous show I might add! Do I actually take my camera everywhere. No, but just about … and if not I’ve got my cell phone! I had to put this picture of Sydney taken last summer first on the list because (1) I love her free spirit, and (2) it gives me hope that yes, summer is only months away! To follow along just use the forward and backward arrow keys on your keyboard. Now I’m off to make more memories with a one-on-one with Sweet Sydney. Catch you soon! Love, Mary




Megan - March 2, 2013 - 4:13 PM

How fun to see random memories of last summer and earlier days! I couldn’t get over the picture of you and the one big tooth in the middle- so funny!

By far my favorite pictures were the five you took of the snow. I think I need to frame the first for Chrismtas time, and the third and fourth were just amazing. You should ask HTEH if they want your amazing work on their client Christmas cards…or any other business for that matter! I love learning more about you through the random and candid photos you take. What a treat!

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