I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Red White & Blue

I set up a photo session with my grandbabies in the mountains during our camping trip this weekend. I bought red, white, and blue t-shirts and little flags, took an old chair, and set them on the hillside with the beautiful evening light. (You can see them here since we are allowed to have more than one photo this week.) Some were better than others (but seriously now, what photo of a grandchild can be bad) — but the picture below — taken on the playground as we made our way to the pool, is the one I kept coming back to. I shot it vertical but cropped it horizontal because it was my 18-month old granddaughter’s eyes that kept bringing me back. She was climbing around and when I saw her pass through this area, I said “Peek-a-boo Sydney” and this is what I got. One shot, one sweet little girl, two beautiful eyes, and the cutest smile I know.

To my readers, there will not be winners this week in the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge, but there will still be hundreds of wonderful entries to be sure. Click on the camera above to see some.

Megan - July 5, 2011 - 5:07 PM

Oh tear my heart out. She is the cutest smile I know too. ♥

Aubrey Archuleta - July 8, 2011 - 9:32 AM

I love that girl! You capture her so well. Love the coloring on this photo, another stunner, Mary.

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