Hoppy Easter from Old MacDonald’s Farm

Actually that title should read Hoppy Easter from YOUNG MacMOUSER’S FARM! Danielle, MJ, Jayden, and Matt have welcomed 9 new pets to their brood (they already have two dogs). Welcome Charlie, a two-year old lop-eared rabbit (a curious little rabbit as Jayden calls him), and Peep, Kit, LaFonda, Tennessee, and Cleopatra — different varieties of egg-laying chickens that they got a few weeks ago. Joining the chicks a week later are 3 non-named chickens that will be butchered to eat at 8 weeks. (I know, sad right?!)

I packed up my gear and headed over to the farm one day last week when we were watching the girls for four days (Megan and Robby were on a little get-a-way vacation before baby Cole arrives in early May). I gave the kids my best worst made-up Easter joke to get some smiles.

Why did the bunny smile when he crossed the road?

He was hoppy to get to the other side!



MJ loves having all these critters as does Danielle. They were born for the farm life and Matt and Jayden come along for the ride. Charlie has long hair between his ears and as long as you pet him he stays put. Handsome isn’t he? Charlie’s pretty cute too. 🙂

_MG_6963_web_MG_6956_WEBSydney at 5 wants a pet (with fur) so bad she can taste it, but for now they have Belle and Mirada, two beta fish that suit their mom and dad just fine.


Jayden is a happy little guy but did worry a hare a time or two that Charlie would bite him (he doesn’t bite – people at least). He would sit only a minute for the picture before he wanted out. His mom had to keep him laughing to distract him.


Charlie got to take a nap and the peeps came out for their photo debut. They were quite content to be handled (and dropped) as much as they were. The little one below is Tennessee and needs a little extra attention from Danielle. He’ll be the one to follow her around the yard once they get old enough for the new coop Matt is building. I wish I had a picture to show you. It’s quite impressive all made with free wood pallets. It’s got nesting boxes with a lid Danielle can open from the outside to get eggs and a perch, a door to the outside, and cute little windows and shingles on the sides. As for MJ, he is 5 and he and Sydney will go to Kindergarten this fall. Yep, they’re pretty stoked.


For those of you who don’t know this little fact, I also bought five chicks four years ago over Easter and kept them in my hobby room in a Rubbermaid container. Unlike Danielle, I only kept them for two weeks until the Easter season was over and they started flying to the top of the Rubbermaid I had them in! From there they went to a very nice chicken farmer who kept them to lay eggs. Here are Sydney and MJ below at 15 and 17 months.



Simone didn’t want a solo picture with Charlie and she and Jayden didn’t want to hold a chicken, but she did want a picture with her cousin and actually took his arm and put it around her. Trust me, it was pretty dang sweet. Jayden turns 3 in a few days, and Simone turns 3 in three weeks — all against my demands to not grow up.



Thank you Danielle for the adventure of your little farm! Danielle is such a great mom of boys and the boys are happy and great little men in the making. The picture below is one of my very favorite of the day. My son couldn’t have picked a more compatible wife (or did Danielle pick Matt?). Either way, Mike and I got a pretty great daughter-in-law. 🙂


We then invited the boys and Danielle over to our house to decorate Easter Eggs and do a craft. They were both quite the messy crafts, but the cousins had so much fun with each other that it was worth the risk of dye, shaving cream, and excitable kids in my new house. Thankfully Grampa was home from work so he and Danielle helped with damage control.


I confess to not doing many crafts with my g-babes but they love them. Megan sent me some Pinterest ideas for when they were gone so what the heck, let’s pick the messiest ones! The following pictures are of a craft with shaving cream that you add dye to, then you are to press a paper egg into the cream, then squeegee the shaving cream off leaving a dyed paper egg. While I don’t have a picture of the end product to show you, it did turn out really pretty. It was the added step — not in the original directions — that sent the project off course. I told the kids to pat down the shaving cream with their hands before they put on the dye but they continued to pat down the cream after the dye! Oh what the heck, it all washed off and the kids had a blast. It was freezing outside but Grampa teased that he was just going to hose the kids off. I thought that was actually a marvelous idea so he did! Following that they had a group shower then put jammies on to make their own individual homemade pizzas. Yes, another mess! Ugh! What was I thinking?! Let’s just say that I was one pooped Gramma when I got the girls to bed at 8:00. I sat down with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, two Advil, and two ice bags. Ahhhhh, relief! Would I do it again? Oh yeah!

_MG_7064_web_MG_7068_web_MG_7073_web_MG_7075_web_MG_7076_web_MG_7077_web_MG_7079_web_MG_7085_web_MG_7087_web_MG_7092_web Happy Easter to all. In our church growing up we would be greeted with “He is Risen” to which we would respond “He is Risen Indeed!”

Keep smiling! Love, Mary 🙂

Danielle - April 4, 2015 - 11:45 PM

Ahh!! I love every. single. one of these, but my heart absolutely melted over the picture of Simone and Jayden hugging on the stool. I had to go back and look at the pictures of Sydney and Mj holding the chicks you got a few years back…I was laughing hysterically because it looked like the poor chicks were getting squeezed to death. Thank you for your patience and fun energy that day!! You have come a long ways from your first day living in that house 😉 Fun, fun, fun!!

Becky - April 5, 2015 - 11:20 AM

Beautiful kids and words!! You and Mile are sure enjoying yourselves.

Megan - April 5, 2015 - 11:44 AM

Oh the smiles of abundant joy that are overflowing in these pictures are almost to much for my heart to hold. You capture the best moments!!! And that shaving cream craft was messy! You’re both rocking grandparenthood. Thank you!

Danielle and Matt…Thank you for opening up your home and pets so that the girls get to have some fun childhood animal memories!

Fairly Candid - April 16, 2015 - 2:28 PM

Thank you Danielle, Becky, and Megan. I think the kids had a great time with these pictures, and Charlie and the chicks were tolerant! Mary

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