"Hoe Down"

Howdy Partner! Welcome to Cousin Jonette and Tony’s annual Hoe Down! Yee Haw and Cotton Eyed Joe. Okay, we’re not that Redneck, but we can kick up the dirt a little. If you missed last year’s, you can see my pictures here. It’s always fun at the Alonzo house, and this event always kicks it up a notch. Rib contest, games, live band, DJ, food — it’s all here — including honoring Shay’s graduation from high school. Congrats big guy! For those of you who were there and don’t find your picture, so sorry. There were sooo many nice people, but my camera is naturally drawn to kids in general, my grandkids (although the g-girls were out of town), and extended family. You understand, right? But, if you are family or you’re not, I hope you enjoy my pics, and should you ever need some of your own, well, just pick up the phone and say “howdy” and we’ll make something fun happen! Jonette and Tony, you guys rock in a big western welcoming way. Thanks for all you do to bring joy, fun, and full bellies to those around you!

Shay will be going to Chef School and here he is making a batch of his ribs. He got third place this year, but watch out for next year!

Congrats to Anthony and Sarah — getting married this August!

Big, big, big kudos to this next guy — Larry. He brings his horses each year to let the kids ride. They line up for hours to wait their first, second, third, and fourth turn. Larry treats them so well and the kids love him. The sore feet he is sure to have the next day must be worth it because he does it over and over again. Thank you!

And that big smile he wears? Well, it’s in part because of this beautiful lady.

You may have seen this next guy before — Ron has a side DJ business and plays at many a wedding and event. As a matter of fact, he DJ’d Matt and Danielle’s wedding!

Shay gave his sister-in-law flowers for helping him with his on-line classes. What a gentleman … what a sweet sis.

Megan - June 26, 2012 - 7:57 AM

What a great collage of pictures- makes me wish I were there! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, and I know they will all be excited to see your hard work with the pictures left over!

Cathie Alonzo - June 26, 2012 - 8:17 AM

Love these! Thanks Mary.

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