Henry and Peter Turned ONE!

This is my last portrait session of the year (until after Christmas) shot the end of November, so let’s double up, shall we?! Meet Henry and Peter, or was it Peter and Henry? Which one’s the oldest again by 9 minutes? I photographed these identical twins the end of November after they had recently turned one on November 21st. I’d never met them or their mom, Amanda, before their session and I wasn’t really sure how or where I was going to photograph them. I prefer outside but there’s been some cold days out there this fall, and it’s not good for the little ones, so I offered up my little make-shift studio in a spare room downstairs with one softbox light and little space. Amanda was game either way, and when the day came it was semi-warm outside so we shot some there (where you will see Little Brother shirts as they have a big brother) before moving indoors to let them play in their diapers. Amanda told me in advance that they weren’t really walking yet so that was a plus, but not walking doesn’t mean they don’t crawl reeeally fast, or climb on things outside of the backdrop zone — especially Peter who I think got short changed in the session because I could never keep him in the setting! I was only a few minutes in when I looked at Amanda and said “I definitely need to invest in a wider backdrop in the future!” “Oh Santa! Can you hear me calling?” Luckily for me, Pete had a bruise on his forehead to help me tell them apart, but Amanda has always had one big toe on Henry painted green while Pete sports an orange toenail. In addition, whenever Amanda photographs them, she has a green H and an orange P that she puts in the picture to tell them apart. Smart momma. We tried to do a cupcake smash but the cupcakes had blood red frosting on the tops and within a few minutes it was starting to look like a murder scene. Peter was crying uncontrollably (never knew why … frosting taste? texture?) and Henry was trying to crawl off. Amanda had frosting from head to toe and the whole thing was simply out of control so we nixed that idea and gave them baths instead. I am regretful now that I didn’t take a picture of the boys in the tub with the pink water, or the scene of the murder after the boys left. Oh well, Amanda and I have the memories! What an adventure that still makes me laugh. It was nice to have met you Amanda and thanks for being so easy-going about everything. And to everyone … happy view-two-ing!

Aubrey - December 10, 2012 - 10:27 AM

Great moments you captured, I actually LOL-ed at these!

Sara Swails - December 11, 2012 - 3:07 PM

Hi–I’m Peter & Henry’s maternal grandmother and I wanted to say how I loved your photos of the boys. I watch them over and over, I notice something different every time, and smile. They are so cute just like their 4 year old brother, Gus. Thank you! Sara

Fairly Candid - December 12, 2012 - 7:52 AM

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Sara! I appreciate that so much and I’m so glad you loved them. I have to admit I have looked at them over and over as well — even after finishing the edits. They are just such darn adorable boys. They must be the entertainment at every family function. Have a wonderful Christmas. Mary

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