Heeeeee's TWO! (Updated)

Today is my grandson’s 2nd birthday (October 20). Pictures taken of him one year ago were the first pictures on Fairly Candid. It was titled “GAP! Check This Kid Out” because GAP was doing a Casting Call that Danielle wanted to enter. We obviously didn’t win, but I have some of the fondest memories of that little photo session and below is one of my all time favorite photos of the last year. His mom was actually holding the pumpkin so I had to remove her hand through PS but he was so happy with himself! Wow, one year of blogging behind me and an incredible year of growth for MJ!

We went to Linder Farms this past weekend and had so much fun … Grammie, Danielle, MJ and me. His daddy and grampa were hunting but daddy wanted to go too so they get to return this weekend. Daddy is a big kid at heart so MJ’s gonna have lots of fun showing him around the Farm. Below he’s walking in with no anticipation of what is about to happen, while his baby brother or baby sister is making a cute little bump on his pretty momma.

Do you see visions of pumpkins in his eyes?

MJ’s very favorite activity at the Farm was the Barrel Train (or Tractor Train). He rode it three times, twice with mommy, and once with me.

MJ is quite the actor. He makes us laugh constantly. I wonder where he gets it?

There was a Baby Animal Petting Zoo and you could buy some feed for a token ($1 each token). Normally MJ doesn’t like to get his hands slimed, but this time he didn’t mind. He’s growing up. Sigh. There was a baby zebra, goats, sheep, pigs, wallaby, and a baby camel that I embarrassingly called a llama.

We took a Hay Ride back into the Pumpkin Patch. One tractor dropped us off, while another one came along to pick us up.

This time he is holding the pumpkin all by himself, grunting from the weight and so proud of himself. This is the one that made it home (at $.30 a pound but so worth the experience).

It was two tokens to ride the ponies and MJ loved it so much that he had to do it twice. I don’t know what his first horse’s name was, but the one he rode with me was Elvis. I picked Elvis because he was little like MJ, but was black and white and I was wearing black and white. It seemed logical at the time.

The swings regrettably were the last thing we did. We tried and tried and tried to get hin to ride them earlier, but each time he would say ” Hmmm? Mmm. No.” but for whatever reason he changed his little mind just before leaving. He loved it and he giggled and giggled the whole time, of course wanting to do it again right away. We were out of tokens and he was out of steam — he just didn’t know it, but we did by the meltdown he had after getting off.

Good thing there’s this coming weekend to do it again, and then the following weekend … a big birthday party for the birthday boy. How old are you MJ? “I’m tuew.” Happy birthday from two of  your biggest fans! Love Gramma and Grampa

October 23 UPDATE:   ____________________________________

MJ got to go back to Linder Farms as promised, and this time with Daddy and Grampa in the mix. I wanted to share a few pictures of the second week as well. First off, MJ still loved the Tractor Train and as soon as he saw it, he started waving to the driver with “Hello Tractor Man!” then took his token to him so he could ride. He got his daddy to ride with him this time and there was just as many waves as the first three times from the week before. The swing was still a hit although we didn’t get the giggles we got the week before but the biggest hit of the day was the llama (it really was a llama this week! And yes, they still had a camel only this week it was a full grown stinky dirty one that was so friendly). Danielle is now ready to buy a llama, and quite honestly, I was too. What a sweet animal it was, and so clean, with cat-like fur. It would practically fall asleep as you petted it, then would lay his face on the side of your face. What MJ didn’t like was the pumpkin patch. In fact, he had quite a melt down when he had to get off the hay ride to help his momma pick 10 pumpkins for his upcoming birthday party. Oh my, was he upset — he must have cried for 10 minutes. When I asked him later why he cried so much he said “Didn’t want to. Didn’t want punkin patch.” Well, enough talking, let’s get on with the pictures.

I went back later that day with Megan, Robby and Sydney to take pictures of her experience and you can see some of those and Meg’s pictures on her blog (in a day or two) at The Gerichs Ohana Blog. It’s so fun to see two kids with two different experiences. I love this thing called “Grandparenting”!

Megan - October 20, 2011 - 7:23 AM

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!! I’m so happy we’re here to celebrate with him this year, and just to be able to see him on a frequent basis and get to learn who this sweet little man is that we have the privilege of calling our Nephew and Cousin! He brings such smiles and joy to everyone he knows.

Aubrey - October 21, 2011 - 2:49 PM

Happy Birthday MJ! What a stud…and I know boys ;)Great work capturing such a fun day, what a wonderful thing, to be 2!

FairlyCandid.wordpress.com - October 21, 2011 - 10:53 PM

Yes you DO know boys. I’ll be calling you one day when I am stumped on how to handle something!

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