Happy Valentine’s Day from 3 Families!

Remember Grayson and Beckham from a few weeks back? They were the first to try out my new background so I saved them for this post.



Next up is Beckham, 2-½, and his little brother, Asher, who I photographed 8 months ago as a newborn. They were so cute then and even cuter now — if that’s even possible. Beckham wasn’t as shy as last time and was pretty much putty in my hands if he got to play with the car that belongs to the apartment club house (thanks Tyler), and if that didn’t work, a “smile button” did (aka Smarties!) So smart this mom. 🙂 Wait till you see all his cute expressions. A big thank you to this family for giving me the opportunity to see the boys and photographing them again. I loved it.


_MG_5042_web_MG_5040_web_MG_4963_web_MG_4984_web_MG_4997_web_MG_5010_webYou’ve met Lily oncetwice, and three times before, and while she’s a happy little girl usually, we had a few tears along the way — BUT — between Thomas the Train, the ABC song, other various songs, tickles, and silly stuff behind my head we got some great smiles and sweet looks. It was a team effort! Of course the sucker and Grampa’s cuddles helped some too. 🙂 Tears or no tears, this little girl is so adorable with her big eyes and cute pigtails. Smart too — she was reading the letters off the background! She just turned two the day before this session so a belated Happy Birthday to Lily, who by the way, is the granddaughter of my good friend Gloria. Love you friend!





These next ones melt me. This little girl is so sweet and so pretty, and a little clone of her momma.


May love be in the air for you today and always as well. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Mary

Tracey - February 14, 2014 - 8:10 AM

Mary, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you! These pictures are GREAT!!
The children are so photogenic (with all the extras you have to go to to get them to smile) Ha. Those twins are so precious and Beckham and Asher with those brown eyes and long lashes are also precious and Lily with her brown eyes and blond hair is a doll.
Hope they all have a Happy Valentines day!

Gloria - February 14, 2014 - 7:29 PM

Mary, You did it again! Such cute pictures of all the kids. Love the twins! Talk about personality. And you surprised me with the great pictures of Lily. I was just sure all we had was a sad little girl. She didn’t feel good that day, but you’d never know it by the adorable pictures you got! Thank you so much! I love you my friend!

cathie alonzo - May 28, 2014 - 9:42 PM

I love seeing your grandkids growing up before my eyes. They all bear some slight resemblance to you and Mikie! Lucky kids! And I loved seeing the photos of you two.
I miss you. Hopefully I will see you at Jonette’s wedding. (I don’t think the bridesmaid’s dress looks very good on me…..) Love Cathie
All of the photos are just so beautiful!

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