Happy Halloween!

I know … it’s a lot to take in. Take your time. When you think you’re ready, move on. If I had any vanity, it’s gone._MG_4863_web

As with our family tradition that I started with my kids, the girls and kids make the rounds to loved ones offices, passing out treats and getting some in return in the process. We have a Halloween Parade at Hawley Troxell where those who want to participate put a pumpkin on their door to say come Trick or Treat me. They’re lawyers — they want future business — so they treat the kids real well if you know what I mean. I take pictures of all the families that come and it’s just a fun time. Here’s my group picture taken by Danielle. 🙂 I love Simone’s pirate stance as a gum ball machine. Nothing says “want some gum?” like “Shiver me Timbers Matey!”_MG_4861_webI am enjoying the kids still wanting to be something cute before the time comes that they want to be more ghoulish. Seriously, how cute is a Grim Reaper when you can’t even see his or her face?! And you know how hectic the actual Halloween day becomes when everyone just wants to get to the good stuff of Trick or Treating, where they can find pieces and parts of their costume, or their make-up has rubbed off … that’s why a good photographer (is my head growing bigger?) always gets pictures before the big day. So here comes more of my favorite little people.

MJ’s costume is one I made for his dad when Matt was 4 (oh yes I did, every single piece of it and I couldn’t be more thrilled that MJ was beyond excited about wearing it). The boys stayed with me two nights early October while their folks and Grampa went elk hunting, and the three of us went to MJ’s Monster Mash at Morley Nelson School as pirates. That event created lots of pirate play the whole weekend between the boys and even the girls when they were over (I have a homemade pirates costume also). We’ve added a few pieces since this picture … a red earring and pirate teeth … a new sword and pirate powder gun … all the stuff that makes a matey go “grrrr“. 🙂


Jayden — forever silly this boy. I refrain from saying what my mom used to say to me … “if you do that to your eyes they are going to stay that way!”


_MG_3519-1_webMorley Nelson Monster Mash-Kindergarten-Oct 9 2015

Simone was more than tickled to wear the Gumball Machine she wore last year and that Sydney wore the year before that. It was a complete creation of Megan in honor of Sydney’s complete love of gum at the time … wait, she still has a complete love of gum … but anyway, it is darn cute.
_MG_4264_webSydney has wanted to be a peacock for two years now, so this year Megan made it come true making her costume after finding the awesome mask on clearance somewhere. I could be wrong, but I think she’ll be the prettiest peacock out there on Halloween night! Probably the only peacock too. Nice work Megs. Way to strut those tail feathers Syd!

Little duck here is a third child duckie. Both girls wore it before him so it was only appropriate. He’s pretty duckalicious if you ask me. I just want to eat him up!


And this little number was on the last post with Cole, but it certainly bares repeating. There’s no butt’s about it that this boy is harvesting some good memories for all of us. Butt wait, this can’t be the end of the post! You are right, there is more!


I got the opportunity to photograph my girlfriend Gloria’s two granddaughters as well, so here’s Lily and Addi. It’s been my opinion that there is never too much cuteness that can be shared!


Yep, that’s the same pumpkin we used for Cole and yep, it’s too big for Addi too.


Can you believe Lily is sitting inside the pumpkin on her knees?! That was one big pumpkin! As Lily waves, I’ll say ado, farewell, and goodbye till the next post. Love, Mary


UPDATED HALLOWEEN NIGHT: The pirate boys came to Trick-or-Treat our neighborhood (because we all know retired people give out more candy because there aren’t as many kids) so I snapped a few before we headed off. Friends of our kids came to go with us and little Maks here was the best Buzz Lightyear ever. To infinity and beyond! His momma made his costume and she duck taped the wings on. Pretty ingenious don’t you think?_MG_5067_web

At dinner beforehand the boys wanted to know what I was going as. I told them Crazy Gramma because that’s what MJ always calls me (meant in the best way of course) and honestly I had no intention of dressing up. At literally the last second I decided to really go as “Crazy Gramma” and threw this get up on. The really crazy thing is I’m actually not a Halloween junkie but I have collected quite the random stuff for the Halloween box over the years since I used to make the kids costumes or help them bring their ideas to life. Mike and I did go to a few costume parties in our younger days, but other than that, it’s not a big deal to us and we don’t decorate or anything like that. There’s just something to hearing your g-babes laughing hysterically at the surprise of it all that keeps me coming back for more. I had a fun few days and now it’s over. I’m tired and ready to box it up till next year. I hope you had some laughs and giggles with your own family this Halloween, but if not, thanks for stopping in for a little bit of our crazy life. Love, Crazy Gramma


Megan - October 31, 2015 - 7:22 AM

Oh my gosh, Mom. I laughed so hard at the first paragraph! The only way this post could be better is if you had a recording of how your voice sounded in that costume. I LOVE it, and your grandkids love it. Cheers to you for being awesome enough to do that, even if was a fancy meeting going on at work! Thanks for all the thoughtful non-sugar treats!

Vince - October 31, 2015 - 11:12 AM

Everyone looks adorable, but that gumball machine kills me. (Will she be collecting quarters tonight instead of candy?) I want to know what Mike is wearing.

Fairly Candid - October 31, 2015 - 12:52 PM

Oh gosh, at times I do get rather lost in myself when the kids are around. Perhaps that’s why MJ calls me his Crazy Gramma.

Fairly Candid - October 31, 2015 - 12:54 PM

Hey that’s a great idea Vince … earn that money Simone! Mike is wearing his BSU clothes for the game today, his chef hat since he is cooking tonight, and his best “oh you look so cute … or so scary … or so whatever” as kids come to the door tonight. I’ll be out with the g-boys and Matt and Danielle tonight gathering the harvest. Like lawyers, old retired folks who don’t have many kids come to the door in our neighborhood gives out lots of gold coins and diamonds … or lots of candy … one or the other.

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